Some Things I Don’t Understand

I’m not too old to get some new knowledge, even at 42 years young.

I don’t understand:

  • why drinking 1 cup of coffee (creamer and some sugar) is fine; if I have a 2nd cup, I get extremely sleepy. Like, ‘fighting to stay awake at my desk’ sleepy. This happens 80-90% of the time.
  • why there needs to be 4-6 Country Music Awards shows. The AMAs, ACAs, ABCs, PDQs…. Why aren’t there 2 or 3 Rock shows, or 2 or 3 Rap/Hip Hop Award shows? Country Music is NOT the make-all, be-all music genre.
  • why some people always claim/brag to “know the facts” or “have the facts” but, when pressed to present them, it’s either: 1) “The facts will come out in time”, 2) “I can’t/I’m not allowed to”, or 3) “Don’t get brainwashed by the Media (or some other similar BS)”. At this point, regardless of subject, if you claim to know something, and you don’t back your claim up, you are lying about your knowledge.
  • why I’ve never tried Shrimp and Grits. That needs to be an upcoming weekend cooking adventure.
  • why the song “Dance Monkey” was/is so popular. The singer’s voice is almost unlistentoable (that’s a word, right?).
  • why Cover Letters are necessary. My resume and work history should tell everything a potential employer needs to know, right? What can I say on a Cover Letter that will help my case, other than “fluffy nonsense”?
  • why the “R&B Roofing” jingle remains embedded in my mind. Good job, Marketing Department!
  • why more colleges don’t have a competitive Academic Team, like Quick Recall. Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) has a nationally-competitive team but they might be the only school in Kentucky that has one. In perfect hindsight, I should have tried out for their team in 2015 – I loved playing Quick Recall in Middle and High School.
  • why Louisville drivers struggle so much in the rain. If there is a sprinkle, people start crashing. SLOW DOWN ON THE ROADS!
  • why I have never taken a true, out-of-town ‘vacation’. I probably need to clarify: money and transportation were the reasons that, for so many years, I never took a vacation out of town. The last 2-3 years, I’ve made enough money that a ‘true vacation’ became a possibility. Then COVID-19 hit and the country shut down. If I take time off now, I don’t want to use it to sit at home (like I’ve done since the end of January). However, where can I go (and stay SAFE, since I am still ‘High Risk’), will it be solo (not a bad thing), and when could it happen?
  • why does Joe Buck get so much angst/hate? He’s better than Thom Brenneman (even before Thom’s recent snafu) and Chris Myers (and I like Myers). What am I missing?
  • why the state of Kentucky is so set against Casino gambling… but happily embraces Powerball and Lottery tickets. Build a riverboat, put it somewhere between Oldham and Henry Counties (about 15-20 minutes north of Louisville), and use the extra revenue to shore up the pension system and the infrastructure!
  • why I didn’t start playing DnD MUCH sooner!

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