Start of Summer “Break”?

I am still COVID19-free *knocks on wood*. However, I am insanely exhausted; how do you end up doing more stuff during a worldwide lock down?? Well….

… I prepped for, and took, a Final for my Java Programming class. 35% of my semester grade, I ended up with a 78% on the Final. I think I’m going to miss a ‘B’ in the class by a point. It’s still much better than the last time I took a Java class.

… “Code Louisville” started for me on 5/5. It’s a 6-month program: 3 months will be spent on Front End Development (learning CSS, HTML, Bash, and Web Page Development), a 3-week break, then 3 months on Programming Language(s) of our choice. The Orientation and Week 1 Meeting went well. They were also the first times that I used Zoom. I need to play around with the app a little more.

… with a combination of a physical book and the Audible app (an audio book app), I finished Dead Beat, book #7 in the “Dresden Files” series by Jim Butcher. This, to me, was the best book of the series, so far. The enemies in this book seemed like they were 3 weight classes above most other bad guys in the series; Dresden got more needed character development; even some of the side characters got their time in the sun. It was a great read/listen! Currently, I am listening to The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin, and reading Dragon’s Egg by Robert Howard (on loan from a co-worker).

… 2.23 Miles. Walked it last weekend, in honor of Ahmaud Arbury, executed for ‘Jogging While Black’: LINK. My right foot is still not right: I got maybe 3 blocks before the heel and ankle started protesting, another couple of blocks before the big toe joint joined. Once it’s safe to do so, I’m going back to a Podiatrist.

Cincinnati Tradition, the all-age Drum & Bugle Corps that I march with, is holding a fundraiser for the next few weeks. Drum Corps are just one of the many groups that lost revenue during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, almost all Drum Corps are non-profit; the costs from touring, instrument maintenance, food and fuel, and uniforms come from sponsorships, donations, and volunteer manpower. If you are interested in helping us out, go to this site.

I need to start watching “The Last Dance”, the final year of the Michael Jordan dynasty with the Chicago Bulls.

I am going to talk with my Team Lead and his Team Lead about taking extended time off from work. Between school, Code Louisville, riding public transit during this outbreak (already classified as ‘High Risk’), and my foot, I am mentally and physically exhausted. 1 week doesn’t seem like it will be enough, so I am either:
– taking a 2 week vacation
– taking a 1 month Leave of Absence (LOA)
I have enough vacation hours saved (about 44, as of Friday 5/15), and enough in my Savings account, to cover a vacation. I can spread out both for an LOA, if needed. Whatever the case, I need to rest and recharge

And finally:
I really think that I need to go to The Netherlands, because the state government and federal government here certainly won’t proclaim something like this. Even if they did…. I don’t know anyone that would take me up on it. 😉

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