25+ Random Facts About Me

This post stems from a Facebook “Memory” from 2008, where a friend tagged me, listing random things about herself; she then tagged other friends.

Since I don’t want to make this an extremely long Facebook status, I’ll do my facts again, updated for a decade-plus later, on here!

(This took a few days to write)

Random Facts About Me

  1. I am single, never married. I don’t mind that, to be honest: I don’t have the energy to play the “Dating Game” right now. Platonic cuddling to something more casual (physical/sexual or not) is about the extent of my lookings.
  2. I am the first family member to go to college.
  3. My college journey has been anything but normal:
    Spring 1997: I went to Purdue University (major: a Chemistry – Chemical Engineering dual program); I left after one semester due to money (I didn’t fill out a FAFSA) plus my Mom was recovering from the first of a few strokes.
    Fall 2000, Fall 2001 – Spring 2007: I attended the University of Louisville. From Fall 2004 to Spring 2007, I was a mix of part-time, full-time, and not enrolled. Grades and money were the issues: when I worked more, grades went down; when I focused on grades, I cut hours and bills/rent suffered. After the Spring 2007 semester, I focused solely on money and bills, leaving UofL.
    Fall 2014 – Spring 2016: I went to Jefferson Community and Technical College. None of my Math and Science credits transferred from Purdue and UofL, so I had to retake a lot of pre-reqs. Earned an Associates Degree (With High Honors) in Arts (Computer Information Technology)!
    Fall 2016 – current: I am taking online classes at Western Kentucky University. From Fall 2018 to now, I’ve been a half-time student (6 credit hours per semester). If all goes to plan, I will take one class this summer, plus 1 class and my Capstone project in the Fall, graduating in December!
  4. I rarely drink coffee. When I do, 1 cup is fine. If I have a 2nd cup, I get so sleepy that I have nodded off at work before. I wish I knew why that happens but it happens 90% of the time.
  5. I once had a couple of kindergartners ask for my autograph after a basketball game. Their class was there to UofL’s Women’s Basketball Team play; I was in the Pep Band. It was one of the coolest and strangest moments of my Pep Band career!
  6. Former/Current Nicknames: Ant (for as long as I can remember; mainly used by the family); (An)Twan (got it, and mainly used, in High School); Bonner (same origin as ‘(An)Twan’ but still used today); Tin Man (got from a friend nicknamed ‘Fish’, after my heart surgery); Cyborg (currently used; got it from my Heart Surgeon and a couple of Evening /Night Shift nurses)
  7. I HATE being late or close to being late. If something starts at 11:00 AM, and I’m not there, ready to start, by 10:55, I’ll probably end up irritated at myself and/or someone.
  8. Some favorite smells: Rain; Gasoline; Freshly Cut Grass; New Asphalt; Freshly Cut Wood; Chlorine in Pools or Water; Computer Labs; Charcoal Grills
  9. I played Quick Recall in middle school (played 7th and 8th Grade) and high school (10th -12th Grade) , and loved every minute of it. On teams of usually 8-12, I was an occasional starter in middle school and “5th Man”/bench player in high school.
  10. Given the choice, I would MUCH RATHER fast-walk 5 miles (which I’ve done) than run 1/2 mile. The impact on the surface, plus lingering effects from the heart surgery, make running very uncomfortable. I can (well, COULD) walk a mile as fast as 14:15; that should be good enough.
  11. Except for my semester at Purdue, I’ve never lived outside of Louisville.
  12. My favorite type of movies: Horror, Comedy, Mystery.
  13. I can do a lot of things decently-to-good but I’m not really “excellent” at one thing.
  14. I cannot drive. I have only been behind the wheel once. In the same vein, I don’t have a vehicle; until recently, I was waiting: 1) for enough money to get a vehicle, and 2) to get a license before looking for a vehicle. #2 is no longer the case; #1 is very close.
  15. Current music kicks: Moodrama; Nightmares On Wax; Blockhead; DJ Krush; DJ Shadow; Morcheeba; Peanut Butter Wolf; MF DOOM.
  16. I like Hockey. I will watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs before I watch the NBA Playoffs. My favorite team is the Chicago Blackhawks.
  17. I do not like bragging about myself. I WILL brag and celebrate the heck out of my family and friends’ accomplishments, though.
  18. I do not, and will not, cuss.
  19. My first Drum & Bugle Corps experience: trying out for the 2000 Phantom Regiment. I didn’t make it but I had a heck of a time that weekend. It was the first time I went past southern Indiana on my own (Greyhound) and, at the time, it (Rockford, Illinois) was the farthest north I had traveled.
  20. Favorite Marching Band Trip cities I’ve been to, High School or College: 1. Orlando (High School and College); 2. Atlanta (High School); 3. Miami (College)
    Favorite Drum & Bugle Corps Trip cities (including where the Corps were based; not including Louisville): 1. Minneapolis; 2. Rochester, NY; 3. Cincinnati
    Favorite Pep Band Trip cities (just the cities, not the full trips): 1. New York City; 2. Chicago; 3. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  21. Favorite Marching Band Performances, High School: 1. “MusicFest Orlando”, 1996 – won 3 of the 4 categories we were in, won the Grand Champion Trophy; it was also the first time I saw a beach or the ocean; 2. “MusicFest Atlanta”, 1994 – won 3rd Place; first time to Atlanta
    Favorite Marching Band Performances, College: 1. 2007 Orange Bowl, Miami – the hours under the stadium, Orange Bowl Parade, and Pre-game, plus the game itself, made for a wonderful trip; 2. 2004 Liberty Bowl, Memphis – best post-season football I saw in person; it was surprisingly warm in Memphis; just an overall fun trip; 3. 2006 UofL vs. West Virginia, Louisville – nationally televised game, with both teams ranked in the Top 5; West Virginia brought “The Pride” (their marching band); halftime with local rap group ‘Code Red’; awesome game
    Favorite Drum & Bugle Corps Trips/Performances: 1. 2019 DCI Centerville (Cincinnati Tradition) – just the ovation, when we took the field, would put this near the top; 2. 2007 DCA Mini Corps Championships (Derby City Knights); 3. 2019 DCA World Championships (Cincinnati Tradition) – the reactions of the fans (throughout the performance) and the Staff (at the end) were amazing!
    Favorite Pep Band Trips might be a separate, future post.
  22. I listen to music when I read or study. I’ve been doing it since Middle School.
  23. I have been stopped by police, 3 times, simply based on race. All 3 times, I was on foot.
  24. I love a good, long, loud thunderstorm.
  25. If I can hear you chewing (“smacking”, opposed to crunching), I have probably fought down the urge to punch you in your throat. If I can SEE and hear you chewing, that urge is tripled.
  26. Even though I get up for work at 5 AM, I am much more of a Night Owl; I’d rather stay up til 5 AM.
  27. I probably spent about $5,500, traveling between Louisville and Cincinnati, between May and early September 2019 for Cincinnati Tradition rehearsals and performances.
  28. I am farsighted.
  29. I monitor interstate traffic in the Louisville area and the Northern Kentucky area near Cincinnati. I have seen nearly everything, from a 40-car, 7-county car chase, to flooding, to a literal “Dumpster Fire”.
  30. I co-host a podcast called Podicus Wrecks. Go check it out on Apple Music, Soundcloud, and other music services!

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