Inside The Terrordome: “Updates”

As the month… and year… and decade!… come to a close, here are some of things happening in The Terrordome:

I scrapped a recent plan (and 3 posts) that involved me looking back at the decade’s memorable events, 1 day and 1 post at a time. A stretch of working 24 out of 25 days (with extra hours on some of those days) scuttled those plans. Instead, I’m going to write one (possibly 2) long post with some Top 10 lists, such as “Biggest Events”, “Favorite Sports Moments”, “Favorite Movies”, and so on, that revolve around the 2010’s. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be finished before Christmas but it will be finished by the end of the day on January 3rd.

Speaking of blog posts, I think it’s time to redesign and refocus “Enter The Cyborg”. With the redesign part, it’s going to be a new color scheme and layout. I want posts to be categorized better and navigation to be a tad easier. These are in the early stages of planning.

The ‘focus’ part is with content. I don’t work 3rd Shift anymore, so “Night Walks” may get moved to another category (or retired). The “Other Interests” category will change/expand. The “Serious Business” category may completely go away. The biggest changes will come with “Reviews” and anything Video Game related: video games may become the main focus of the blog, with movie and book reviews right behind them. More to come in the following days and weeks.

The University of Louisville is in a bowl game! Western Kentucky University is in a bowl game! Purdue University is not in a bowl game. I hope to get to see UofL and WKU on TV, preferably not in my apartment.

With Steam’s various Winter Sales, I have picked up 3 games for under $23 total: Pillars of Eternity ($19.99), Portal, and Portal 2 (both of which are currently on sale for $0.99). I am currently playing Pillars; once I reach the first major town (Gilded Vale – which I’m right on the doorsteps) and get to the Inn, I’ll write a “First Impressions” post about. I will also start Portal today; once I find a good stopping point, it’ll get a post. 

I got about 2/3 through Dragon Age: Origins when I hit a snag: my party of myself (a newly-trained Arcane Warrior Mage), Alistair (Templar – think ‘magic-negating Paladin’), Sten (Warrior), and Wynne (Healer Mage) are facing off against crime lord and uber-Rogue Javenia. She has wrecked this party time and time again, particularity Sten and Alistair. I put that game on hold and started a new playthrough; in this one, I designed Sten to be an almost-untouchable Tank, Alistair to cause all kinds of damage, and my character to be a Dwarven Rogue who was to become a Ranger.

Just one problem: I’m not doing much good as a ranged fighter; my damage has come in the form of backstabbing the crap out of freaks, up close.

Sten is much better as a fighter, now; Alistair is a little better. I don’t know what to do about my character. In that 2nd game, I’m not terribly far: I got the aid of the Circle of Mages and am heading to Redcliffe Village. However, I’ve spent a few talent points on the Archery section. Do I just eat the talent point loss and train to be a Duelist, download a mod to respec him , or put that game on hold, too? Decisions, decisions….

My status as a Cincinnati Tradition member for the 2020 Season is still “TBD”. I will get my foot checked on again in January; I am also building my Savings Account back up (which has been a pleasant surprise during the Christmas season). As long as surgery isn’t required on the toe and/or heel, I don’t think the foot will be a problem in the summer; I’m not going to ‘assume’ anything, though. Money comes down to: 

1) Will I have enough for a vehicle?

2) Will I have enough for the Summer Tour, if #1 doesn’t happen?

We’ll see how this plays out in the next 3 months.

Add a “0” at the end of the number of days and you are close.

My Night Vision is strong. 😉



I’m not going to reach my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 25 books in 2019. However, I am reading again, after taking most of the spring and summer off: reading one book, have 2 on hold, have 3 more that are on my bookcases, unread, and at least 2 to order. I’ve always enjoying reading, especially before bed, and it’s a good feeling to get back to doing it again.

I did get invited to a New Year’s Eve party! Now I have to wait and see if my boss lets me off from work on New Year’s day.

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