Night Walk: “Yay, Sunday!”

Sunday, 12:54 AM; some random thoughts on a strangely sleepless night:

The song currently playing on Spotify: “Our Remains – For Piano” by Beta Radio.

The decision from this post is in: I’m sitting out… but just the first few months, right now. I might be able to save up enough money for a vehicle or to pay for the last half of the season. This all changes if the right foot doesn’t improve or if I have to have foot surgery(ies).

The right foot is not feeling real good, right now.

My sex life is like my Ferrari. I don’t have a Ferrari.

I got back into the podcast “Welcome To Nightvale” for the first time in years, thanks to a co-worker. It’s a wonderfully weird listen. If you like a mix of Sci-Fi, Horror, and comedy, wrapped around a near-Lovecraftian center, then give ‘Nightvale’ a listen!

I’ve temporarily put World of Warcraft  on hold, possibly until 2020. I’m not bored or burned out with it; it’s just that I’m having more fun playing Dragon Age: Origins again. Once I finish one of the two active Origins runs I’ve got going, I might go back and finish my game of Darkest Dungeon that’s been idle since July or so.

I’m down to 12 credits and a Capstone class left before I graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree! Work will pay for 2 classes per semester, so I’m going to take 6 credits in the Spring, 6 in the Summer, and the Capstone in the Fall, graduating (hopefully) by December 2020.

My desire for Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich is like my sex life. I don’t have a Ferrari.

I was at 207.6 pounds, as of a week or so  ago. Not bad, considering I did as little walking as possible for nearly 2 months.

I got the Disney+ app… free for a year, thanks to Verizon! I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes of The Mandalorian so far but I plan on adding to that list in the very near future. Surprisingly to some, I’ll probably watch National Geographic as much as, say, the Marvel stuff, as long as it isn’t full of ‘Reality TV’ crap.

I’ve been wrestling with restarting my AT&T U-Verse service, going to Spectrum TV, DirecTV, Dish Network, or sticking with streaming app services. None of the TV options are cheap; however, they would add a little variety to the viewing options. We’ll see.

Can we narrow down the Democratic Presidential candidate field to 5 or 6, please??

I would like to play at a Tuba Christmas concert , this season, since a Euphonium is technically in the Tuba family. One factoid that I learned recently: the Baritone is in the same family as the Trumpet and Cornet, the Euphonium is not. When it comes to Tuba Christmases, I think both are usually allowed, though.

I hope that I not only get New Year’s Day off from work, I get invited to a NYE party. It doesn’t have to be a call-the-cops raucous party but it has to be more than 2 or 3 people that are just on their phones. 7-15 people, some snacks and drinks (I drink very rarely but will do it on NYE), some good music and/or games, and a fun countdown – that’s good enough for me.

I still don’t have a desire to watch Shazam! or Joker.

The Room is still the worst movie I’ve ever seen… but Velocipastor is now the closest any movie has come to dethroning it; Troll 2 is now #3.

Unlike my Ferrari-sex life-sandwich desire, I do have sleepiness, now.

Until next time!

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