Early Thoughts: LG V40 ThinQ

From August 2017, my cell phone was the Samsung Galaxy S8+. It was a really good phone. However, it was time to take advantage of an offer from Verizon and LG, and upgrade.

Enter the LG V40 ThinQ.

After a few days of use, here are my thoughts on it.

I upgraded to the ThinQ on Monday afternoon. Since then, I’ve made and received a few calls, texted, and used Facebook, plus used a few other apps, listened to music, and taken pictures and videos. I didn’t try to “stress test” it; this was just what could be considered “everyday usage”.
The ThinQ comes with 64 GB of storage – unless you have a TON of movies and mobile games downloaded, 64 GB should be more than enough for you. I currently have about 40 songs, a couple of short videos, and over 80 apps (including games – some already downloaded) on the phone, and still have 75% free space.
The battery is nothing to sneeze at – 3300 mAh. However, it is a little smaller/weaker than the S8+. That being said, I did leave it unplugged most of Wednesday, while playing a couple of games, surfing the internet, recording a video, and being connected to a couple of wi-fi networks. It was in the 65-70% range when I finally plugged it in, hours later.

Responsive and fast is the name of the game for the ThinQ. It’s a little quicker than the S8+. I plan on testing this with a few games, down the road, or maybe trying to run a few things at the same time.
The camera outshines any phone that I’ve ever had. There are 3 lenses in the back and 2 in the front, offering a lot of possibilities for photography. One of those possibilities is the Triple Shot mode: you press the shutter once, the phone takes 3 different images and stitches them together. If you want an animated GIF, it’s waiting for you; if you want just a single picture, just pick the one that looks best to you. The cameras might be a bit much for some but it’s an interesting feature and an interesting set of camera that I might try out at a rehearsal in the near future!


One of the most impressinve features on this phone is the sound. The salesman pushed the volume capabilities on the phone; I was more pleased by the sound quality. On just the base equalizer settings, this is a great sounding phone. If you also like your phone music loud, then this is a win-win phone.

The LG V40 ThinQ is a wonderful phone, after first impressions. It is a very fast phone with plenty of storage. It comes with 5 dieffernt cameras, leding to a slew of shooting options, although those options could be a bit much for some. The sound is loud and wonderful. If you are looking for an upgrade to your phone, especially if you have Verizon (and can take advantage of some of their promotions), then I would highly look into getting the LG V40 ThinQ!

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