40 ’til 40

30 For 30 is a feature on ESPN, where they tell life stories about sports figures, recap famous games, and have short features on sports-related stuff. I wanted to do something about me that’s similar and, hopefully, interesting: 40 memorable and good moments of my life, leading up to my 40th birthday.

I will post 2 moments a day, (this post will be back-dated), until the 29th of the month. Some of them have been mentioned in passing on her and on Facebook; these also aren’t necessarily in any order of favor. But they are all, to me, pretty nice, cool, and possibly funny moments.

1. Louisville Science Museum trip (late March 2010)

Recovering for my heart surgery in 2010, I had spent 7 weeks indoors, doing a lot of nothing. Some of my best friends waited for me to be able to walk somewhat and invited me to join them for an afternoon at the Louisville Science Museum. I couldn’t walk up stairs comfortably but everything else about that afternoon was amazing!! There were some cool exhibits on water power, magnetism, and, I think, something with Legos? I loved going on field trips to the Museum as a kid; going back 20 years later was cool. It was a simple gesture to invite me but I really appreciated the friend time!

2. Ballard Senior Night (October 1995)

The 1995-1996 school year was my senior year in high school. I was in Marching Band and the seniors were being honored, at halftime, with the other Fall semester Football, Dance Team, and Cheerleading participants (interesting fact: my sister was also in band that year, as a freshman). Parents of the Seniors, if possible, would line up with them on the running track, in front of the crowd.

My Mom ended up going to the game (Dad couldn’t go). Although she was initially in the crowd, she came down as they were reading off our names. making it to track before my name was read. She even got to see me and my sister perform – the only time that she saw me march and one of the only times that she saw my sister march. It was an awesome night! (I don’t remember the score but I know we played St. X and it was close)

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