First Impressions: “Darkest Dungeons” DLC, Pt. 1

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 2 years since I bought “Darkest Dungeon” for the PC and 1 1/2 years since my first look at the game. Now, I take an early look at 2 new characters that I got from buying 2 DLCs, after the break.

Finals for this semester put a delay on my game-playing, but I finally got to try out 2 new Heroes: the Flagellant and the Shieldbreaker.

The Flagellant


The Flagellant, center in the above pic, is a Hero that you receive from the “Crimson Court” DLC pack. He is a ragged, scarred figure from the Church, who seems very intent on becoming a Martyr. He showed up in my Stagecoach somewhere around Week 8.

Here are some things that I noticed while he was out adventuring (he was in two groups):

  • 20180508_0037124804833158026899076.jpg This Flagellant came with 4 abilities: Punish (which all start with), which causes 4 points of Bleed damage per round, for 3 rounds(!), and comes with a Bleed debuff; Reclaim (heals himself for 1 point for 2 rounds, at a cost of possible 3 points of Bleed damage every round for 3 rounds); Endure (heals 12 points of Stress on an ally but takes on 5 points of self-Stress); and Suffer (clears Marked, Bleed, and Blight from an ally; takes on that Bleed and Blight, plus Marks himself, gains 30% PROT, and a small resistance to Death Blow). Pretty handy when a character needs emergency stress and physical healing!
  • In that first picture, he is smiling. He is, so far, the only character that I’ve noticed change facial expressions before a blow is struck – he smiled when enemies discovered my party. Nice job, designers!
  • He doesn’t hit for many points of damage; generally, 3-6 points was what I saw. He was Level 0, so this could change as experience is gained.
  • When he drops below 38%, he gains 20% to damage and 3% to CRIT chance – the more pain he’s in, the better he performs.
  • When he reaches Death’s Door, he gains an awesome feat: he heals the entire party, per hit taken, and reverses Death’s Door debuffs, providing +5 Accuracy, +20% Damage, +2 Speed, and +20% Resist to Stun, Blight, Bleed, and Debuffs! I played him wrong, the first time he gains those traits. I should have had a character Guard him (like the Man-At-Arms or Crusader, so he could have stayed at Death’s Door (as long as he didn’t bleed out…)) while mass-healing and not having to worry about attacks. Regardless, he healed my party quite a bit in that 2nd group he was in… before bleeding out and dying.
  • I forgot one ability: when he dies, he stuns every enemy still alive.

The Shieldbreaker


Looks can be very deceiving.

The Shieldbreaker, front of the above picture, was a DLC purchase but was separate from the “Crimson Court” package. She is a movement-heavy, quick-strike master who, while not having a ton of hit points, can take a Critical Hit or two… and repay the enemy double.


  • All new Shieldbreakers start with Pierce (an armor-piercing attack that also moves her forward 1 spot); the other 3 on this Breaker were Puncture (a nasty attack that can’t be Guarded against, breaks any Guard that’s on the target, and pulls them forward 2 spots – GREAT for those back-row spellcasters that might have a front-line cohort Guarding them); Adder’s Kiss (moves her back 1 spot but causes 2 points of Blight damage, for 3 rounds, to her target); and Serpent Sway (moves forward one spot plus has Aegis: 2 uses per battle – blocks 2 attacks and buffs her speed +3, per use). 
  • She generally hit for about 7-12 points per strike
  • The spot that worked best for my parties was to have her in the 1st spot, unless the Man-At-Arms was with her, then put her in the 2nd spot. Combine his “Retribution”, his “Guard” (if he has them), and her “Pierce” and “Adder’s Kiss” abilites, and you potentially have a lethal combination: she can dance around the front 2 spots, breaking armor and causing Blight, while he soaks up the attacks meant for her and responds with an automatic attack of his own!
  • I did not get a chance to use the Serpent Sway but that sounds like a good ability to have if/when I run into a mini-boss. Looking at YOU, Collector.

The Flagellant is great for taking on the physical and mental burdens of the party; he can heal a big chunk of stress on someone near the breaking point, can transfer their ailments to himself, and will heal the party when he is near death himself. Just don’t expect him to hit like the Leper or Crusader, though. The Shieldbreaker will do as her name suggests: she will bring down any Guard or Shield effects on enemies. She will also hop around the party’s formation, making her a hard target to hit. Combine her with a Hero that Guards or Protects, and you have a deadly combo. I really like these 2 new Heroes and am looking forward to using them more often, this summer.

Once time opens up, I’ll delve into the “Crimson Court” content for a “First Impressions” look, then go deeper into “Darkest Dungeon”, seeing what other horrors await me in the Hamlet!

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