Inside The Terrordome: “May!”

Louisville finally gets out of 9th and 10th Winter!

  • It’s one thing to have a snow fall or cold snap in April… but it was very rarely warm throughout March OR April, until last week! I’m glad that I can put a hoodie in my backpack, instead of wearing it and a coat to work!
  • This somehow flew under the national radar but someone other than a Classical or Jazz artist won the Pulitzer Prize for musicKendrick Lamar. This was a significant win for Hip Hop, Rap, and frankly, most of the other genres of music.
  • reds-donation-1504213603 
    Oh, Cincinnati Reds…. they started the season 3-15, the worst starting record for them since Herbert Hoover manned the White House. They finally fired manager Bryan Price; they are 4-7 since ousting Price. Is it bad that I’m glad that they are 4-7 in the new regime, compared to 3-15?
  • “Thunder Over Louisville”, the largest fireworks show in North America (plus a 6-hour Air Show before the fireworks), was a success! This year’s theme was “Disco Night”, which oddly worked with the firework show. It was weird for me: last year, I griped about working during “Thunder”; this year, I was off… but stayed home. I blame #3rdShift. Nevertheless, “Thunder” was enjoyable!
  • I don’t have the patience to write about all of the stuff our glorious Governor has done since stealing buying winning the 2015 Election, but Matt Bevin’s latest decrees come at the expense of state teachers. Just Google ‘Matt Bevin and KEA’, sit back, and “enjoy”.
  • MBI-2016-snare-line-drums-track
    I’ve written a few times about my experiences with the all-age Drum & Bugle Corps, Minnesota Brass, in 2013. Unfortunately, due to “lack of membership”, MBI had to cancel their 2018 season. It’s a shame – who am I going to cheer for during the Drum Corps Associates (DCA) 2018 season? – but I think they will be back in 2019, more locked in and with the required membership.
  • I may get a chance to cross a sports “Bucket List” item out: a friend and I may be heading to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs (her favorite team) vs. the Reds (my favorite team) in early July! We’ll have to wait and see how she’s doing, physically (she’s pregnant) but we’re both looking forward to the trip!
  • My INR spent a couple of months hovering around 2.0, about 0.5 – 1.0 points too low. Neither my doctor or me know why it dropped but I thankfully didn’t have to go back on Lovenox to correct it. Since my last check up (on Thursday), I was back to 2.5, at the low end of the correct range. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on it until my next check up, after Finals.
  • I am still down about 20 pounds since I moved in January. I had dropped as low as 225.8 pounds, went back up to 231.0, and have hovered between about 227 and 229 pounds for most of April. I cannot complain, though – I haven’t been this light in at least 6 years!
  • Finals start on Sunday – yes, Sunday. By May 10th, I’ll have taken 4 Finals and turned in 2 Security Projects, homework for my Java class, and watched somewhere between 10 and 12 videos (2 professors really loaded up this week). I might write more on where I stand later but for now, wish me luck!

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