“Night Walks”: Motivational Video

I was looking at a friend’s Facebook page and came across a video that she had posted. It was a speech at a graduation ceremony by Denzel Washington. Interspersed with clips from some of his movies, Denzel talks about how he was flunking out of college, how a “look” from a woman at his Mom’s beauty parlor changed him, and offers some good advice. Among his advice:

“Fail big”. A major ‘fail big’ moment was running out of money and quitting Minnesota Brass in 2013. I let way too many people down that Spring, IMO.

“Dreams without goals… are just dreams.” ‘Graduating from college with a Bachelor’s Degree’ is the dream; ‘Graduating from WKU with a 3.00+ G.P.A. in December 2018’ is the goal. I’m very close. 😉

“Don’t confuse ‘movement’ with ‘progress’.” “Just because you’re doing a lot more, doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot more done.”

If you need some motivation on this early Monday morning, here’s his 4:30 video. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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