I have been on a 2-part Crusade of sorts: break down the 230-pound plateau, and get back below 215 pounds, the weight I was at after I had recovered from the Staph infection that led to my heart surgery.

Some time in 2014 (I don’t remember when), I had weighed myself at my friend’s parent’s house and was at 262.4 pounds – was not a happy camper Cyborg. I then made the push to drop that weight: walking more (you’ve seen the various posts on that), enroll at a gym, and various tweaks of the diet. By the summer of 2015, I had dropped as low as 231 and change, on a handful of occasions – the lowest I weighed since my drum corps experience in 2013. However, I could not crack the under-230-pound mark.

You’ve also seen posts about the major foot issues I had in 2015, 2016 and parts of 2017; this slowly pushed my weight back about the 250-lb. mark; 251.6 pounds in mid-December. The foot healed (until a step-ladder incident) and the effort(s) renewed. This time, I had 3 new allies: a new apartment, a new mattress, and a new bed. In-house snacks became mainly Cantaloupe,  Honeydew, and/or Pineapple chunks; I added more Exercise Biking to my workout routine; I finally started getting 4-7 hours of consistent sleep, instead of 3-8 hours of broken sleep; and, with spurts of warmer weather, I’ve gotten in a handful of decent walks. Plus, a bigger focus on non-lunch meat/processed meat meals – fewer sandwiches, for example.

I’ve tracked my weight with a spreadsheet since I moved on January 3rd.


I was a little above 248 lbs.; a part of a 2018 Resolution was to get to 230 by April 1st. Today is March 23rd.


20.0 pounds down this year.

I need a new belt.

I might need new pants by Memorial Day.


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