“Night Walks”: Schedule Change

I am halfway through Week 4 of the semester. On this week’s menu, still:

  • 3 exams, all due Sunday night: Systems Security II (on Cryptography), Systems Development II (basics of Java programming), and Telecommunications II (on IP packets)
  • 2 quizzes, by Sunday, on Java and Mobile Security
  • Finish a paper on Housing in Different Cultures, in 6 hours
  • Assignment (late) in Telecomm II, by Saturday

I did watch 5 videos (for 3 classes), read 3 of the 5 chapters assigned, and read the PowerPoint lectures. A victory?

Anyway, I have struggled with balancing sleep with time for HW and for brain relaxing, especially the last 2 weeks. So I think I’m changing the schedule a little bit.

Normally: I would get home around 7:15 and try to be in bed by 8:00 AM; I’d get up between 2:00 and 3:00; I’d do HW, study, run errands, and maybe do laundry until about 6:30; nap for about an hour, get up and do something non-HW, then leave for work around 9:30 PM.

What I’m going to try, for a few days: get home, stay awake and do HW, study, run any errands, and go to INR checks, for how ever long it takes; sleep (’til 7:00, at the latest); then do any non-HW stuff until it’s time to leave.

I’m hoping that I can start recharging with this new schedule.

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