Inside The Terrordome: “Month #1”

Song: “Tell It To The Sky” by Tracy Bonham

  • 1 month into the new apartment and all’s well! It has furniture now, plus I bought some small odds and ends, such as a wet mop, a microwave, and a microwave cart. Combine it with a camping chair I got last summer, and I can start having folks over, with places for them to sit!
  • Speaking of moving: when 2017 ended, I weighed a little over 248 pounds. As of February 6th, I weighed 237.8 pounds. Getting good sleep – even if it’s only 4 hours – plus fixing meals for work, drinking more water, going to the gym a couple of times a week, and walking again have been great assets in trying to get back to pre-surgery weight. The next goal was 232 pounds by the end of February; I think that’s a very doable goal.
  • 2 weeks into (hopefully) my final Spring semester and things are… draining. There are 4 classes: Systems Development II (it’s Java programming); Intercultural Communication; Telecommunications II (mainly dealing with TCP/IP); and Systems Security II (Wireless Security; Cryptography; Computer Forensics). I already feel like I’m playing ‘catch up’. I don’t know if it’s an accurate feeling or if it’s a subconscious feeling but I do know that Security and Telecom have cranked up the work load, big time. Thankfully, there are plenty of weeks to catch up and stay caught up.
  • No, President Trump’s SOTU Address was not “patriotic” or “inspirational”. No, walking out of his speech isn’t disrespectful, if you don’t charge numerous Republican senators with the same charge after their walkouts of President Obama. The number of people who continue to defend this joke of a president and his diminishing administration – “but, he’s getting things DONE!” – is bordering on sickening.
  • After a few weeks of mostly-missed episodes (Finals, moving, work), I return to “Podicus Wrecks”. I join J.R. to discuss the debut of “Black Lightning” on the CW.
  • Through one of my closest friends, I got to attend a rare University of Louisville basketball game, this one against Syracuse University. We stopped for dinner at The Spaghetti Factory, where we got an unexpected surprise. A couple that was near us decided that they weren’t going to go to the game… and gave us their tickets! We went from $8 upper-deck seats to $49 lower-bowl seats, for free! The game itself was fun but UofL lost. It was one of the 2 most fun evenings of 2018, so far!
  • I am very glad that I started listening to the “Critical Role” podcast! I just wrapped up Episode 12 of Season 1 and it’s been a fun journey with ‘Vox Machina’!
  • While I was leaning *slightly* towards the Eagles, I didn’t have a team in the Super Bowl. It was a good, entertaining game. It will be the Browns’ year next year!!

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