Skyrim: “The Forgotten City”, The Return III

Part I: LINK


This is the 3rd part of a multi-post series on the Skyrim mod, “The Forgotten City”.

There are SPOILERS… however, there will be some end-of-quests SPOILERS. There won’t be any major plot spoilers, unless ABSOLUTELY UNAVOIDABLE. Turn around – and check out some other posts on my page! – if you don’t want to read any spoilers.


3. a) More people

I talked to Domitus, plus a few more Forgotten City (FC) citizens.

*Domitus (in Citadel):

  • Domitus is the #2 in charge. He is not afraid to let you know it, either.
  • He is very conceited – his basic first responses to you can be summed up as: “how dare you approach me and ask me anything? Get back in your place!”
  • he did ask demand that I go to the Palace and retrieve an Immaculate Dwarven Helmet that was on the other side of a gate at the entrance.

This was not as “exciting” as I thought it would be. What it made me do is refrain from shooting Domitus in his mouth with my Fire Enchanted bow. However, no option of implicating Domitus popped up. Maybe I missed something?

3 Others:

Jeshol (met in Tavern) was tickled that I “asked how an old lady was doing”. She is a street sweeper and either a worshipper or priestess of Mara. She does mention Dooley and how he’s living in a cave of sorts, outside of town, homeless because he can’t work (the Jarl basically exiled him). Luki (met near Habiq’s shop) is a not-too-social alchemist and healer. She hates all people but heals and makes potions because “someone has to”. She chides the Jarl and his “cronies” for laziness (sense a theme here…).


Dwemora (above; met in the Citadel) is the Jarl’s adoptive, bored daughter. She is not allowed out of the Citadel. She also calls the Jarl and friends “lazy”. To spice up her life, she wants to see what happens when you offer Ashanshi some Skooma.

I then went to the first person that I met in the FC: Gulvar.

*Gulvar (in tavern):

  • was a farmer from the Whiterun area
  • father was killed by bandits; mother died shortly thereafter
  • farm was repeatedly raided. Gulvar then killed one of the bandits that knocked on his front door; the other bandits knocked him out and kept him alive while they killed the rest of his family and burned his farm down
  • he started stealing, didn’t like what he had become; wandered Skyrim until he found the FC
  • **mentioned that the Jarl would get what was coming to him

That last line moved Gulvar to the top 1 or 2 suspects. He seems like he is barely repressing his fury.


My screenshot of the cave, on the other side of the Sunken House

3. b) More Places


I’d talked to about 15 people, so I started looking through houses and areas.

I didn’t find anything of note on the outside (minus Dooley).

did find some things of interest indoors, however.

Ulrin’s House:

*Another SPOILER Warning*

I was checking in here to see if I could find some info about him and his missing wife. Maisi. Instead, I found a door to the Underground Tunnels, hidden under an animal skin. Be very careful with this door: if you click on the skin, you’ll take it… and break the Dwarves’ Law. Once you open the door, you’ll find yourself in a ring of tunnels, with about 12 offshoots and short hallways branching off. About 8 of those offshoots lead to doors that lead up to various houses and stores… but they are all locked. There are also a few Skeevers, scattered around the tunnels. They shouldn’t be a problem. I hope.

On your travels throughout the ring, you should come upon some human remains, along with some gold and a piece of equipment. You have to identify those remains. Also, you will be attacked by a horse-sized Giant Skeever. This is not as easy of a fight as you would think. When you defeat it, make sure to loot the corpse. You will find a Locket that belongs – belonged – to Maisi. Putting 2 and together should identify the remains that you found earlier. Report your findings to Ulrin…. or hold on to the Locket until you have finished a few more quests. 

*Brandas’ House II

I didn’t remember that I had glanced in Brandas’ house previously, until I reread my last post. I’m glad that I went in again.

Most of the house is empty. There is a Lute in the corner, some food on the table, and a Last Will, next to the food:


This makes me feel better about taking those Boots earlier. 😉

On the stone bed… is Brandas! He wasn’t there before! He is mortally wounded: what isn’t wrapped in bandages, it looks badly burned, including parts of his face. he tells you that he is a Vigilant of Stendarr, sent to the FC (via visions) to stop “something terrifying and very evil under the city”. Unfortunately, the energies under the city nearly killed him before he could stop whatever is down there.

I now have to get back under the city – lower than the tunnels I just came out of – and find out what’s down there, survive the “energies” getting to it, and possibly stop/kill whatever *it* is.

*Dooley’s Quest

I also decided to help Dooley find his treasure before taking on anything else.

The clue “hold your breath” pointed me to the lake at the back of the cavern. I brought one Potion of Waterbreathing with me – crap. Probably should have brought 3. Anyway: after swimming around for a little bit, I found a sunken house-type building, with an openable door.

Inside the Sunken House, there is a very tall cave, with an opening at the top, all under water. I used my Potion to swim to the top, where I was greeted with a ramp that spiraled out of the water, into an even bigger cavern, complete with those blue mushrooms that are pictured earlier in this post. There are barrels scattered along, as well as some Dwarven odds and ends (plates, cups, shields, etc.). At the top of the ramp is what appears to be an Argonian female, completely armored in Dwarven Armor (probably will be Ebony or Daedric armor, at higher levels). She wonders who you are and why you are here. If you tell her that “you are looking for a treasure chest”, she says that “we found it but can’t open it… we locked it in the Tower”; she then invites you to dinner. If you accept the dinner offer, she leads you to a campsite… in total view of 2 other figures; all 3 then attack you because “you smell delicious!”. If you answer “nevermind, I’ll turn back” or turn down her requests for dinner, she and her “sisters” attack. 

I got killed a couple of times, even after using various Shouts, so I changed my strategies. Once the first Argonian started walking towards me, I backed down the ramp a few feet, putting the wall on the left between me and her sisters. Once she attacked, I filled her full of arrows, then immediately hid after she dies. She has a Tower Key on her. I then got by the lines of sight of her sisters and went to the right of the ramp, towards the aforementioned Tower.

Inside the Tower is the Chest, as well as some armor, another Chest at the bottom of a stair well, and some odds and ends laying about. As tempting as it is, do not take anything from upstairs, other than whatever is in the Chest. The Dwarves’ Law does take effect on the entrance floor of the Tower.

Inside the Chest is this:


So, no “treasure” but something possibly as valuable: a key to the locked gate at the top of the Citadel! Also, he explicitly warned me about the Jarl. Interesting!

I swam back to the Sunken House – nearly drowning – and back to the Lake. I let Dooley know about the treasure; he hoped that I split the “pile of gold and gems that I find” with him.

SO, I have 3 branches to do:

  1. The Citadel: Accusations and The Locked Gate
  2. The Palace: Get The Helmet
  3. The Evil: Go Underground

I actually looked into the Locked Gate and…. well, you’ll have to wait for Part IV. I also have to make my accusation to the Jarl…. although, I don’t trust the Jarl much. And, I have to get that Helmet for Domitus, inside the Palace, not to mention find out what’s going on underground. Part IV will cover what happened with the Locked Gate and what I did with the accusations. My travels through the Palace may also take place in Part IV, but I can’t guarantee it. Part IV should be posted by Sunday night! Stay tuned!


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