Skyrim: ‘The Forgotten City’, The Return II

This is the 2nd part of a multi-post series on the Skyrim mod, “The Forgotten City”.

Part 2: People

As before: there will be quite a few spoilers ahead. Turn around if you don’t want to read them.


2. a) First Things First: The Dwarves’ Law

In the last part, I warned you about the Dwarves’ Law. Well, I violated said law – intentionally – to show you what could happen (apologies for the sound quality):

Nothing good comes from going toe-to-toe with a Dwarven Centurion.

2. b) Talking to the People

There are at least 25 people in the Forgotten City that you can interact with. Some are more forthcoming than others. About half of them are in or around the Citadel. The rest are scattered throughout the City. A good chunk of the townspeople will go to the Tavern after 8 PM; if you don’t want to travel a lot, camp out in the Tavern. Or, you can explore the empty houses while their owners are drinking and eating. 😉

Here are the people that I talked to, the places I went, and some of the things I learned, on my quest to find out who activated the Dwarves’ Law:

Gaia (in the Citadel)

I first talked to Gaia before my visit to the Jarl. Over a couple of visits, I learned that:

  • Gaia is a Breton
  • she is currently the assistant to a Dunmer named Brol
  • she has her eye on Rykas, specifically, his armor. It is an Immaculate Dwarven Armor set; she wants to do more research on it

Gaia has a room on the ground floor of the Citadel. She is friendly but committed to her research. Seems fairly innocent.

Safina (in the Citadel)

I also talked to Safina on the way to the Jarl:

  • she is from the Warrens of Markath
  • she fell in love with Domitus and followed him here
  • she is not happy in the City and asked me to help her find a way out

Safina seems very afraid of Domitus. If you walk close to her, she always warns you that she can’t talk long because “Domitus will return soon.”

Might have to talk to Domitus very soon….

Miranda (outside the entrance to the City)

Miranda actually talks to you, once you talk to the Citadel; she starts the “Looters” event (see my last post about that event). After that’s taken care of:

  • she is a Breton, married to Habiq, a Redguard
  • she was relegaded to sweeping the streets of the Forgotten City
  • her and Habiq face prejudice and criticism from the Imperial population in the City
  • she mentions that a man named Ulrim is drowning his sorrows in the Tavern because his wife somehow escaped the city

Miranda offered the first good piece on important-sounding information. She, along with a griping Safina, both hinted at a possible racial segregation, between the Citadel-living (and not working) Imperials and the rest of the population (Redguards, Bretons, Dunmer, etc.).

Habiq (owner of the “Firefly Finery”)

Habiq can normally be found inside his clothing store:

  • he mentioned that he and his wife, Miranda, traveled the breadth of Skyrim, before settling down
  • they fled Skyrim after their son was killed by an Imperial soldier; when Habiq went to the Jarl for justice, the Jarl basically threw him out of his Hold
  • Habiq sells clothes and maybe a piece of armor or 2
  • Habiq lost his son’s ring (quest); I agreed to look for it

Both Habiq and Miranda have one possible motive for doing something to activate the Dwarves’ Law: racism. They could attack someone… maybe someone in the Citadel?

Vernon (owner of the “Fresh Produce” store)

  • Vernon is a Breton that left Skyrim, due to prejudice
  • He is homosexual and was tired of hiding his lifestyles from fellow Imperial soldiers
  • While talking to him, a letter slides under his door; it threatens him with violence because of his sexuality
  • Vernon, paraphrasing: “none of the males here are my type, so who’s harassing me? I didn’t tell anyone about my preferences”
  • quest: find out who wrote that note

Whoever wrote that note is, as of this conversation, the prime suspect, in my eye.

Rastasia’s House

After talking to Vernon, I started walking around, looking in doors. Two people shooed me out. The 3rd house was unoccupied at that moment. The two big finds in Rastasia’s house:

  • Forsworn armor, ax, and gear
  • An Amulet of Mara

With so many Imperials and Bretons running around, I don’t think that Rastasia would do something – like reveal that she’s Forsworn – that could trigger a response and trigger the Dwarves’ Law.

Brandas’ House

Another house that I came across was Brandas’s house. I found… a pair of Dwarven Immaculate Boots! I will have to talk to Gaia about those!

Being in the area, I then went to the Tavern.

Rastasia (in the Tavern)


The first person that I ran into is Rastasia, the person whose house I just searched.

  • She has a seductive voice and aura about her
  • she is admittedly the town gossip and knowledge-finder: “nothing goes on here that I don’t hear about”
  • she echoed Miranda: Ulrin spends a lot of time in the Tavern, drinking
  • she also said that Marius never leaves the Citadel, even to drink: “I don’t trust a guy that doesn’t drink”

Not much else of note came from Rastasia. Since the Tavern was empty at the time, I “waited” for a few hours. Once I wandered around for a bit, I went back to the Tavern.

Vitus (in the Tavern)

Sitting near the back of the room, I found Vitus:

  • an unpleasant fellow, Vitus stated that he was a Military Engineer for the Imperial Army
  • he figured out that the Jarl has me spying on everyone but promised to “keep my secret safe”
  • he blatantly asks you which side of the Civil War you are on. I said “I’m not taking sides”, he called a Stormcloak coward (should have gutted him!); I had to Persuade him to talk for more info
  • he admires the water pipes left behind by the Dwemer (Dwarves); he is doing some Dwemer research in his quarters
  • he keeps hearing sobbing in the Citadel, thinking the Citadel is haunted: quest to see what is causing the sobbing

I am not worrying too much about Vitus.

Rykas (wandering around town)


This caveman is wandering around town, in a set of Immaculate Dwarven Armor. He doesn’t say much; in fact, he is probably the most hostile character I’ve met, so far. What he did say, though, was important:

  • he is waiting, and ready to fight, WHEN the Dwarves’ Law is broken
  • He thinks the Centurion “statues” are alive

I would make him a prime suspect, but I think he might be an ally, if/when the Law is broken. Other than Vitus and Rastasia, Rykas seems like one of the few that could handle himself/herself in a fight, so far.

*Ulrin (Tavern)

Ulrin was, in fact, at a table, drinking.

  • he is tired of people asking him about his wife; when pressured, he admits that he doesn’t know why she left, other than she was not cheating on him; opens a quest to find his wife, Maisi

To me, it still feels like Ulrin is hiding something but I don’t know what.

*Marius (Citadel)

  • Marius is also kind of rude and reluctant to talk… for good reason:


  • Marius is “Quintus”, the Dark Brotherhood deserter
    (side note:
    here is a minor gripe about the game’s dialogue choices: it didn’t give you a chance to “puzzle it out”. It just immediately throws you into the option to reveal his identity)
  • He admits to his alter ego and says that he is “retired”; I promised to not reveal his identity
  • The Dark Brothrhood is hunting him because it “makes them look inefficient” by losing a member

It’s hard to not finger a Brotherhood member as a prime suspect. This could be a trap. We’ll see.

*Dooley (by the Lakehouse)

  • This was an odd character
  • he has a very bad memory and might be sick (he coughed a lot)
  • he is looking for his brother’s treasure; his brother died
  • he asked around town but no one offered to help; he asked enough times that it got the Jarl’s attention: “stop asking about your brother’s treasure. It doesn’t exist!”
  • I agreed to help him find the treasure; Dooley said: “it’s hidden underground” and “hold your breath”

I also talked to a former Skooma addict and current Citadel cook (“Ashanshi”), and showed Gaia the Immacualte Boots. She didn’t respond… but Brol did, when I showed them to him. He stated that the Boots offered protection against the radiation in the Tunnels (well, THAT was new!), and wanted me to see what was down there.

I don’t have a way to get into the tunnels, yet.

Part III will begin with me talking to Domitus and maybe a character or 2 that I run into. After that I am going to work on most of those character quests (in no particular order):

  1. Name a suspect for the Jarl – likely 1st
  2. Help Dooley
  3. Find out who’s threatening Vernon
  4. Look for Ulrin’s wife, Maisa
  5. Find a way into the tunnels
  6. Find out what’s in the Citadel, sobbing
  7. Find Habiq’s lost ring

I also haven’t looked into the Palace, yet. Part IV will deal with items such as the ramifications of the Jarl’s Quest and the other quests. 

Next post should be up by the evening of 9/7!

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