“Inside the Terrordome”: ‘Birthday’


“Inside The Terrordome” posts are quick looks into the daily life, with some occasional short thoughts and posts about life in Louisville.

  • It is the Cyborg’s 39th birthday! This past year has been full of big changes, with some social items given up in the process: I started school at Western Kentucky… but gave up most of my small, weekday social life; I got hired at TRIMARC… but gave up Kinetic; I went to 3rd shift (weekends, first, then week nights)… and gave up, for many months, almost all of the rest of my social life, including Halloween, New Years’ Eve, “Thunder Over Louisville”, and Kentucky Derby festivities.
    I need to be at a party/gathering – that won’t end before 11 PM – that is virtually “no rules” and full of people! A vacation would also be nice, especially if it involves some fun (in many forms – physical, gaming, bonfires, etc.).
  • The “War of the Foot” is… in a cease-fire! Very few issues have flared up with the right foot, lately. The Achilles on the left foot flared up a few weeks ago, but it also has calmed down in recent days. I want to see how things go for the next 2-3 weeks before I declare the war ‘over’.
  • I am still on that plateau of 245-249 pounds. One thing that I’ve heard a few times is that the switch to 3rd shift, and the length of time you work 3rd shift, will cause you to gain weight. I just have to work that much harder now to drop weight, don’t I?
  • My INR has been under 3.0, in back to back readings, for the first time in probably 3 years (Thursday’s reading was 2.3; last month’s was 2.9).
  • I’m hoping that the free Saturdays this Fall will allow me to see a football game or 2 in person this year!
  • My favorite book series is Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Nearly 25 years after I started the series (I did a book report on “The Gunslinger” in 8th grade), the movie based on the series will release in theaters (next week). It is a sequel to the series; I am greatly looking forward to seeing this, sometime in the next 2 weeks!
  • Speaking of movies, some quick reactions to movies that I’ve seen for the first time, recently:
    Ghostbusters (2016): not as funny as the original, much funnier than the 2nd; some scary moments but could have used a lot more; Kate McKinnon’s character was a little “much”; nice cameos; B-
    The Last Witch Hunter (2015):
    nice special effects; weird mix: lots of action, not enough to make this a good story, although there were some good scenes. D+
    I may make larger posts about those movies in the future.
  • Schiller Terraces (for Louisville readers, it’s on Schiller Avenue, about a block from where Oak Street and Mary Street split off) and Fountain Square Apartments (off of Hikes Lane, near the Buechel By-Pass and Bashford Manor Mall) are the 2 complexes that are leading in the apartment search. I plan on looking at both places on Monday or Tuesday, hopefully putting in applications by Tuesday night. I finally have the money to not only move back into my own place but to make rent payments on time. Fingers crossed that both places are nice!


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