Review: Hawkeye #3

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Leonardo Romero

Color Artis: Jordie Bellaire

As the Junior Member of both “Comicdom Wrecks” and the spin-off podcast, “Podicus Wrecks”, I will occasionally get a comic to read, digest, and discuss on a future ‘Podicus’ episode. Hawkeye #1 was one of the comics we discussed. I liked the issue enough, J.R. (‘Podicus’ founder and co-host) let me read issues #2-#5 on my own – no timetable, no assignment-like discussion (although I can’t rule out an episode on them in the distant future).

(some spoilers below)

The hate for Kate is strong in Hawkeye #3. So is the Revelation Game.

When we last saw Kate Bishop – “Hawkeye” – she was trapped at the end of a pier, with an ever-increasing mob of cultists and bystanders on her heels. Hawkeye #3 starts with Kate trying to talk some sense into the mob…. to no effect.. A cultist, wearing a “Phantom of the Opera”-esque full mask, tackles Kate off of the pier, into the ocean, and pursues Kate back on shore. The cultist takes their mask off…

Detective Rivera! (Revelation #1)

Rivera had gone undercover to investigate the TBC group (“Take Back Control”), but her cover was pretty much blown by Kate’s ill-fated walk through TBC’s front door. Rivera warns Kate to not only stay away, but to get her own P.I. license. Kate stops at a donut shop to find “the best donuts for stress-eating, if possible”. can’t say that I blame her.

A water-logged, donut-munching Kate returns to her place, to change into her Hawkeye costume for a raid on the TBC base. Ramona, her neighbor, is there; she informs Kate that her brother was invited to help (who happens to be knocking on the door at the moment).

Johnny, the Guy from the Alley in issue #2, is Ramona’s brother. (Revelation #2)

Some awkward flirting and stammering between Johnny and Kate, with complimentary gagging from Ramona, and the team starts examining Mikka Nguyen’s personal belongings that Ramona has possession of. Kate finds a stamp-sized TBC sticker on Kate’s phone, adding to the building evidence that TBC is a cult, not just a mere group. Quinn drops in, making the original “solo Kate trip to TBC” a quartet.

At the TBC base, Kate (disguised as a student) sees “Cute Fratty Guy” and “Spatial Discrepancy” (an odd space in one of the walls”). She chats with Frat Guy, then slips off to investigate that odd space.

That investigation turns into an almost comedic-horror scene: spooky doors, Kate opening each door, and having ‘unfortunate’ encounters: couple having sex, guy on the toilet (she actually picked the lock to the bathroom door!), etc. After one final encounter with a door, where her shoulder lost to a locked door, she decides to channel her inner Spiderman: climbed out a window, shimmied along the wall to an adjacent window (nearly falling onto a couple making out outside), and into a library/studio with an apparent dead end. She ultimately finds a secret door that leads down to an actual creepy dungeon (something that Kate was worried about)…

…. and Mikka Nguyen, tied up in a chair (Revelation #3).

Mikka appeared unharmed, physically, but was muttering nonsense as she was being freed: “Whhassawhoosat?”, “Okiedokey!”, “Affirmative!”, “Close enough, Big Guy!”.

The issue ends with Kate turning around to see “Big Guy”: an 8-foot tall man, with a cultist mask.

The hate may have been strong against Kate in Hawkeye #3 but there’s hate from me. This is my favorite issue of the 3 that I’ve read so far. Detective Rivera’s increasing annoyance at Kate’s investigating is very entertaining to read and imagine. I like seeing how the TBC situation is evolving from a shadowy group to a possible brainwashing, evil cult, and how Kate is (unintentionally) pulling her closest friends in to help her deal with it. The humor is still prevalent, especially with Kate’s many self-thoughts. Nearly falling out of a window, onto a making-out couple… just plain ridiculous.

So far, I would rank them #3, #1, and #2, in terms of overall enjoyment. The series itself has been a great read.

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