“Night Walks”: Patience

(started Sunday 1/22, 3:30 AM)

One of my stronger traits is patience. I tend not to panic or fly off the handle over things and situations that aren’t in line with my feelings, thoughts, or beliefs. Patience and I have had a good working relationship over the vast majority of 38 and a half years.

Lately, I’ve found my patience slipping easier, and a little more frequently, than before. Comments on social media that I don’t agree with, I’m having a harder time not responding (I haven’t responded to most, so that’s a plus). Bus is 3 minutes late – I’m muttering to myself much sooner than normal. Trying to set up events, but getting “maybe” or ‘no answer’ – I actually get irritated, opposed to just shrugging and trying the next day or week.

“So, why is my patience fraying?”, I ask myself.

I think a combination of exhaustion and monotony is partly to blame. The few things I can do outside of the house are either cancelled because of work, transportation, or lack of interest from other parties. Exhaustion comes from double jobs and school.

The “seasonal blues” nonsense isn’t a factor, but not getting enough fresh air might be. I can change that, though.

The political climate isn’t helping, either. The yahoos who continue to spout “Get Over It! We have to suffer for 8 years” need to get a reality check… and a kick in the face. I won’t be delivering said kicks.

So, maybe my patience is being affected by 3 or 4 factors. Can I change them? Sure. Can I easily change them? Perhaps. As long as my patience doesn’t give out completely. 😉

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