“Night Walk”: ‘I Should’

I am working Friday 3rd shifts for the next 2 months, so this ‘walk’ deep into the night isn’t one due to a lack of sleep. I am currently in a lull at work, in which I am going over things I should do. These things aren’t “requirements”, such as take medicine or pay bills. These are things that have been floating around in my “to-do” bin, some for weeks, others for years. They might make life easier; some would probably make things more fun. 😉

  • I should watch more NBA. I grew up as a Lakers fan – the “Showtime” group. Later on, Reggie Miller and the Pacers became my 2nd favorite team. However, for the last 15 years or so, college basketball has caught, passed, and lapped the NBA, in terms of personal popularity. I will occasionally watch the NBA but rarely the regular season; I’ll watch the playoffs more. I watched the first full regular season game last night, for the first time in at least a year. While I don’t like the ISO play, it was still entertaining. But, in order to do that…
  • I should either reactivate my Dish service or start a new Cable/Dish service. Not for the NBA, but for those afternoons/evenings where I’m home, homework and studying are done, and I don’t particularly want to do much else.
  • I should finally donate a box of clothes that I’ve had boxed up for a few months.
  • I should probably practice writing programs in C# and Python. I’m one of those ‘weirdos’ that likes programming. C# was difficult but manageable when I took the class last year; Python was much easier. Learning more in-depth procedures in both languages would not only help me in the career field(s) but it would be pretty cool to make something useful or fun with either language.
  • I should see “Rogue One”, as well as a few other movies.
  • I should have taken time off from TRIMARC next week. I’m only scheduled for 3 hours at Kinetic next week- Staycation! – but that’s Monday morning through Friday afternoon. TRIMARC is Friday overnight (8 hours), Saturday evening//overnight (12 hours), and Sunday night (4 hours). Oh well, 4 full days off is much-needed, after the majority of 4 months with little down time. 😉
  • I should work out my upper body more.
  • I should take a random bus trip somewhere. “Random” includes a trip to watch a Drum Corps show. It would just be something 2-4 days but it would be fun, hopefully. Some cities I’d like to go to include: Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, Minneapolis (esp. for a Drum Corps show), Annapolis (Drum Corps), and Dallas (that would be the farthest and longest I’d go on one of these trips).

Those are some things I should do. One last one: I should get back to work for the last hour. 😉


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