Opposing Reactions, Part 1: Movies That I Hated But You Liked

Halloween is about 2 1/2 weeks away – time for spooky song playlists and horror movie watching! In searching for movies to watch, I thought of the 2015 remake of Poltergeist. This was a movie that I wrote a quick review about last year. The less-than-enthused reactions to that movie by family and a bunch of friends, contrasting with my own reaction, got me to thinking:
What other movies have my reactions been the opposite of family or friends?

3 Movies That I Disliked or Hated But You Liked

1) “Bewitched”

The first time I watched – tried to watch – this movie was on a marching band bowl trip. It was playing very early in the morning on my bus; I watched about 20 minutes before I had to tune it out, via headphones. It wasn’t a pleasurable watch: little humor, not much that would have kept my attention, and, probably a factor, it was nighttime on a bus. 

I tried watching a second time, this time at home, in the evening, a couple of weeks later. Some friends had suggested watching it again because “you’ll like it… it’s a funny movie!” The only thing that changed was that I stopped watching about 30-40 minutes in, instead of 20. 

2) “Best In Show”

“Psst! Be careful suggesting this movie to Anthony.”

This was also a band trip movie. Thankfully,  it was playing when the sun was up. I think my dislike of this movie (it wasn’t at “hated”, like “Bewitched”) was the subject matter: dog shows. I’ve not been particularly intrigued by dog shows, so a near-2 hour movie about them wasn’t high on my ‘watch list’. Once I started watching… I just didn’t get it. There were many parts of the movie where friends were chuckling or laughing, while I kinda “hmmm!”ed. It also seemed long… this could have been because I wasn’t exactly enjoying it like others were.

Two things make this movie stand apart from “Bewitched”: The cast is intriguing enough for me to rewatch it, and I think I might have a different opinion on it, with a second watch.

3) The Room

I think I was making this face before the opening scene had finished….

“The Room” has gained a cult following since its release. Apparently, one of the traditions that fans of this movie have is throwing plastic spoons at the movie screen at certain parts of the movie. I don’t know if this is as a celebration or if metal spoons weren’t available…..

Some of my best friends suggested that I watch it with them at one of their houses (there would be no spoon-throwing), with the understanding that the movie, while bad, was a “fun” bad: it could be ridiculed on a “MST3k”-type level.

“The Room” was horrible. It was, hands-down, the worst movie I have ever seen. This includes some of SyFy’s “classics”. This was also not a “fun” bad movie. 

Where to start? Let’s go with this:
I would GLADLY watch “Bewitched” – and recommend it to everyone – before voluntarily watching “The Room”.

There’s so much wrong with this movie! The plot: I still am not sure what the plot was. Alongside that, the movie was ridiculously disjointed. Here’s a scene where the main characters are in a living room (“The Room”, perhaps?), discussing this and that. Now, here’s a scene where there appears to be a rooftop drug deal, gone bad (slight SPOILER: none of the events in that scene are mentioned again in the movie). And here, here’s a scene where 4 friends(?) are awkwardly throwing a football, on a hilly street, IN TUXEDOS. No wedding or formal event taking place (that I remember): just 4 guys, in tuxedos, throwing a football.

Oh, to “spice up” the movie a little, let’s add a sex scene that was 18 kinds of awkward (too long, horrible music, bordered on uncomfortable).

I don’t know why people waste money to see this in theaters. I’ll gladly take that money and go watch nearly any other movie playing in the theater. Or buy some Fajita Nachos from “Los Aztecas” in Downtown Louisville, instead. Or throw it in the Ohio River.





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