World of Warcraft: “Podicus Wrecks” Podcast!

On Sunday, I was a guest on Episode #11 of Podicus Wrecks, the podcast manned by J.R. of Comicdom Wrecks. We discussed various things World Of Warcraft-related: favorite expansion, item that we would take out of WoW, preferred class, and so on. It was a fun, interesting experience, especially from someone who isn’t a great fan of interviews or recording (although this was more of a conversation than interview).

A short follow-up: I really enjoyed the pre-Legion invasions. It was a unique sight to see both Horde and Alliance fighting Invasion enemies and Bosses. Speaking of bosses, I didn’t enjoy big bastages like this:

“I don’t reach the bottom of your hoof. I think I’ll run over here….”

I don’t own “Legion” yet but I should have both the money and a little free time to reactivate my account (it expired this past Sunday) and get it by next Sunday. From all reports from real-life friends and guild mates, Legion is amazing. Can’t wait to try it out!

Check out the links to Comicdom Wrecks and Podicus Wrecks at the top of the page, for posts and podcasts about movies, comic books, pop culture, and a few other ‘geeky’ topics!

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