Quarter Notes: “I Think I Still Hear Saturday’s Sadistic Snickering”

* I woke up at about 8:30 Saturday morning. From about 8:31 AM until now – about 1:50 Sunday Morning, local time, as I type this – there has been a combination of restlessness and and I-don’t-know-why-it-showed-up-so-suddenly frustration hazily lingering a few feet above my head. I wonder if being mentally tired after a long semester and a longer slow down at work finally allowed that haze to manifest. Whatever the reason, small things (like not finishing homework or trying to plan out what to do on Sunday and Monday) were putting computer desks and small end tables in danger of being flipped or thrown because they were in arm’s reach. Hopefully, that haze is gone when I wake up later Sunday morning.

* Speaking of:

Work, I think I am going to have to lift a self-imposed exile from retail work. In short, I worked in retail for over 16 years at two large retailers. While both jobs were pretty decent (for the most part) and the team members were wonderful to work with, I absolutely grew tired of, and burned out from, retail life (in general) and some policies and practices (in particular). The job I’m at now is in the midst of a 4-month period of light-to-no work, opening the door to adding a weekend retail job as a possible second job (I have no plans of leaving my 1st job at this time). This doesn’t mean that I am going back to either company that I worked for before; it just means that I may look into working in a stockroom or on a sales floor somewhere again, if necessary. Hopefully, hours pick up in my first job and/or I find a second, non-retail job, soon.

School: it’s the last week of classes before Finals, and 3 classes are cranking out a lot of work to end things: 4 online labs (finished 9 in this assignment group, so far) and an online exam in my Computer class (due Thursday night), an exam in Intro to Sociology (Wednesday), and an essay, definitions (both due Monday night), and exam (Wednesday night) in Regional Geography. That’s not including the Sociology Term Paper and 2 Extra Credit assignments due the Sunday of Finals Week. Almost at the finish line!

Now that I think about it more, the restlessness is probably coming from an unholy mix of school, work issues, and the exhaustion….

* On a less gripey note: I meet with my Academic Advisor on Monday morning about options going forward. I’m taking a Public Speaking class this summer; after that, I am eligible for an Associate’s in Arts degree, allowing me to transfer to a 4-year university! However, there is the 4-year program (Computer Information Technology) at JCTC that I am in now, that I would be about 3 semesters away from completing. Plus, there may be other options that I’m not aware of right now. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing where the next major step towards a degree leads!
(Side note for Louisville area friends: if I do take the Assoc.-Transfer route, and I walk during Summer Graduation, you all are invited!)

* It is Kentucky Derby Week in Louisville! There are a lot events going on this week if you are in town, from Bed Races in the streets to the Great Steamboat Race on the Ohio River to the Pegasus Parade. The Kentucky Oaks (the main race for the Fillies) is on the Friday before the Derby. You can catch the Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, the Louisville Bats, play baseball at Slugger Field or you can go to one of the celebrity-studded Derby parties around town this week, such as the Barnstable Brown Party. If parties aren’t your thing, you can always stop by the Louisville Science Center, the Kentucky Center For The Arts, or the Frazier Arms Museum , a few blocks from Downtown; the Main Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library is just south of downtown; and there are numerous parks throughout the city. There’s plenty to see, experience, and enjoy if you are in the area!

Now, off to sleep. Even cyborgs need to recharge occasionally. šŸ˜‰

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