“Don’t Press ‘SEND’ (and think before you speak)!”

Years ago, in a speech to incoming NFL rookies, former Head Coach Herm Edwards made the following (in)famous statement, regarding social media: "Don't press SEND!". He was warning the new players to be careful with what they say or post on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media outlet; with them being sports athletes, their … Continue reading “Don’t Press ‘SEND’ (and think before you speak)!”

WWE “Extreme Rules” 2015

(In my opinion,┬áthis pay-per-view either needs to be renamed or removed. It's kind of hard to have "extreme rules" in a PG era where, among other things, bleeding and headshots are highly frowned upon. Perhaps put "King of the Ring" in its place?) I've had a couple of days to digest WWE's latest pay-per-view, "Extreme … Continue reading WWE “Extreme Rules” 2015