Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 2

We continue with my list of Favorite Nintendo Games: 6. "Beetle Adventure Racing" (N64) - If "1080 Snowboarding" was the biggest surprise on this list, then this is a very close 2nd. The only cars you could take were Beetles (with differently adjusted stats) but that didn't take away from the overall fun of this … Continue reading Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 2

Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 1

Last week, I co-recorded a podcast episode for "Podicus Wrecks" (look us up on the "Comicdom Wrecks" page!), reminiscing about old favorites on the various Nintendo platforms. I got to thinking: what are my all-time favorite Nintendo games? After some rummaging around in the memory banks- a lot of it, in some cases-  I've come up with … Continue reading Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 1