Black History Month: Facts #17

The Tuskegee Airmen, Part I Video, from the U.S Department of the Interior: Tuskegee "The Tuskegee story is an important civil rights story of Americans who happen to be black, in service to their country, their family, and to their friends -- in that order." - Col. Charles E. McGee, National President of the Tuskegee … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #17

Black History Month: Facts #15-16

In Kentucky, Charles W. Anderson and Amelia Tucker were the first Black man and woman to be elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives. Charles W. Anderson (1907 - 1960) has few 'firsts' on his résumé. Anderson was born in Louisville, KY. He attended what is now Kentucky State University, as well as Wilberforce University … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #15-16

Black History Month: Facts #14

Dr. Patricia Bath - Ophthalmologist, Inventor "Eyesight is a basoc human right." Dr. Patricia Bath (1942 - 2019) has a long list of 'firsts', achievements, and patents attributed to her. Dr. Bath was born in Harlem to Rupert and Gladys Bath; Gladys was a housewife, while Rupert was the first Black motorman for the NYC … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #14

Black History Month: Facts #13

Song: "Heed the Words of the Brother" by X Clan. X Clan was an early 1990s rap group, known for Funk influences and heavy Black-centric themes. Criminal, self-educated, reformed, activist, terrorist, radical, charismatic uniter, leader. Nation of Islam Spokesman. Survived prison. Survived the Black Legion. Could not survive "members of the Nation of Islam" ('FBI … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #13

Black History Month: Facts #11

"Berea College" When you think of 'Black History Month, Berea College - a small, Liberal Arts school in Berea, KY - probably isn't one of the first things or places that you think of (me included). However, there is some pretty important history that came from this school. Such as: Carter Godwin Woodson. Woodson (1875 - … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #11

Black History Month: Facts #9

Minnijean Brown. Elizabeth Eckford. Ernest Green. Thelma Mothershed. Melba Patillo. Gloria Ray. Terrence Roberts. Jefferson Thomas. Carlotta Walls. These are the "Little Rock 9": the first Black students to enroll in an all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957. Before that story is recapped, there is a story that needs to be … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #9

Black History Month: Facts #8

Song: "When The Revolution Comes" by The Last Poets The Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL) system is nearly 120 years old, established in 1902. Albert Meyzeek (former Central High School principal) and other Black leaders in the city pushed for a library for African-Americans and their needs. In 1905, on 1125 Chestnut Street, the "Western … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #8