COVID-19: ‘Short Circuits’, 12/2-12/4

“One Month Left in 2020”

I do not have Covid-19. Unfortunately, I have recently lost a friend to it, have another friend in and out of the hospital with it, a 3rd friend that’s dealing with the beginnings of it, and a 4th friend that just got over it.

Melinda/Zoom Call

The friend that I lost – Melinda R. – I first met in 2001 at the University of Louisville, during Band Camp. She was a reserved but extremely kind Trumpet player. We didn’t hang out outside of band but would end up in a few small groups together, during Marching Band trips (during free time). The news of her death hit hard; she was only 37 and, according to friends, was in decent health before Covid-19 took her.

… which leads me to tonight’s Zoom Call.

Melinda was part of the Tau Beta Sigma sorority, a music-based group. Some of her Sisters held a Zoom meeting to talk about her and reminisce. They also invited a few other people (including me) to jump on the meeting, if we wished. For me, it turned into a 3-hour soul-cleanser, seeing friends that (outside of Facebook) I hadn’t seen in at least 3 years, a couple of which I haven’t seen in over 10 years. There was catching up; there were stories about band life, life after UofL, and current life; there were smiles, anger, tears, a lot of laughter, and a camaraderie that was like we were back in 2001-2006.

I couldn’t think of how to sum it up, until a few minutes ago: “My spirit needed that.” I have not felt this light of spirit since early March!

Thank you to everyone that stopped in on the call and to Amanda D. for inviting me. We will keep your memories alive, Melinda! R.I.P.

Interesting Story

I love reading about, and watching stories about, Ancient History. This story was one I came across a few days ago:

Semester Ending… Graduation On Hold

Well, I planned on wrapping up 2 of my 4 classes this weekend. My ‘Advanced Systems Development I’ class (basically, the A+ Software Certification course) is nearly done; I have 4-5 short papers to write (1-2 pages, each) on different Tech news articles, plus the Final to take (150 questions, 2 hour Time Limit) and a Post-Class Evaluation (100 questions, 2 hours?). In my ‘Systems Architecture II’ class (Python programming), I just turned in the Final Project yesterday; I still have some straggler Lab Problems to finish, a graded Practice Final to take, and the actual Final (75 questions, no Time Limit, although 2-3 hours is what the Professor thinks will be needed).
One problem (logistical): my Day got an apartment earlier in the week, one block from me, and wants to move Sunday afternoon. This likely means that I’m taking at least one of the Finals on Monday, after work. I can’t help him move and try to squeeze in 4-8 hours of exams on Sunday. Not a huge problem – we’ll see how it works out.

Code Louisville’, Part 3

I’ve decided to take a 3rd ‘Code Louisville’ programming term. This one will be from January 11th to late April, meet Tuesday nights from 6-8 PM, and will be on JavaScript. Normally, ‘Team Trivia’ nights would be on Tuesdays but they haven’t happened since mid-February; with some of the stubbornness in Kentucky, I don’t see them happening for a long time, so I went with the Tuesday class. Let’s see how it goes!

NFL Game

My Dad is a big Dallas Cowboys fan of the NFL. His 2nd favorite team is the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s never been to an NFL game but has always wanted to go.
Well, the two teams will play each other on December 13th, in Cincinnati. My little brother is taking Dad to the game… and I am going along. I know there is a risk – I will bring a couple of masks, plus gloves – but Cincinnati is only allowing 6,000 people in, and spreading them out. This is also Dad’s best, and likely only, chance to see the Cowboys in person. I’m looking forward to it…


…and the following 8 days after. I am on Vacation from Dec. 12 to the 21st! I’ve grumbled about ‘staycations’ before but I need this one. Other than the NFL game, the only things I plan on doing are, in no particular order: reading/listening to Audio Books, walking, playing “World of Warcraft: Shadowlands”, cleaning up the apartment, watching football, recording a ‘Podicus Wrecks’ episode, and maybe an assignment or 2 in my nearly-finished ‘Systems Analysis and Design I’ class. Unless I go to the Laundromat, I’m not catching TARC anywhere, for any reason. I need to mentally recharge after the strain of school, work, and the constant avoidance of Covid-19 while being a Public Transit rider and Essential Worker!

And Finally….

I recently bought an Air Fryer. I’m very eager to try it out!

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