“Night Walk”: ‘Info Dump’

Saturday July 25th, 1:26 AM

I saw a post on Facebook where, instead of ‘Drunk History’, you had ‘Drunk Special Interests’: you posted what you would be drinking and what special interest you’d talk about while drunk. I am not a big drinker but if I chose a drink, it would be Rum (or Bourbon) and Coke. The topic would be likely ‘Drum & Bugle Corps’ or ‘World of Warcraft’. However, I could do that without a drop of alcohol.

I took out a 401k loan for my final semester. Work will normally pay for 2 classes a semester. I still have a slow-moving, On Demand class to finish for Spring 2020. I will either have to pay for 1 (of the planned 3) class(es), 1 + the On Demand class, or all 4 total classes. I’m, of course, hoping for the not-4 option; that could lead to some interesting purchase or payment options for the last 4 months of 2020.

Work is setting me and a co-worker up to possibly work from home in the near future. As a High Risk (to COVID-19), Essential employee that has to ride Public Transportation to/from work, staying at home would be AWESOME! I hope that this happens within the next 2 weeks.

The “streak” is is well past 8 years. UGH.

I turn 42 on the 29th! I pushed back celebrating with the family (see above mention about COVID-19). While it probably won’t hit the levels of my 40th birthday (a Surprise Party, a day with some of the best friends, and a day with the family, on a 3-day weekend) or my 41st (on a 4-day Mini Tour, in Pennsylvania and Ohio, with Cincinnati Tradition, ending with a competition in Centerville, OH on my birthday), I am hoping to make Birthday #42 as fun as possible.

It seems like I’ve been either reminiscing about, or reminded of, “older days”. For example, my brother found a picture of me in the 2nd Grade – from 1985 – while helping my Dad move; this led to 2 friends from elementary school talking about which classes we shared in 2nd-5th Grade. More examples: songs that popped up in ads or Facebook from the late 1980s and very early 1990s; getting the urge to watch NHRA Drag Racing events from 1986, ’87, and ’94; talking with an old High School friend about this ‘n that (a rarity); and a LONG talk with the work crew about how we entertained ourselves growing up (we’re about 10 years about, between the 4 of us in the conversation), versus kids of the last decade or so. It’s interesting… and unusual. I blame COVID-19: there’s so much time to sit at home, maybe these things come up from the depths of the subconscious?

I weighed 204.4 pounds – the lowest I’ve been since August 2019 and one of the lowest weights I’ve been in 10 years (the lowest, post-surgery recovery, was that August ’19 weight of 201.2 lbs.; I was as heavy as 262 lbs. in 2014). The main reasons for the weight? A lot of water-drinking, very little junk food/candy, and (on occasion) some better sleep than I was getting in the past.

I need to restart the podcast, “Welcome to Night Vale”. I made it through about 25 episodes, I think. I also need to finish Campaign 1 of ‘Critical Role’.

It’s well after 2 AM. Maybe I can fall back asleep, after being awake for the last 3 hours. Until next time!

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