Black History Month: Facts #15-16

In Kentucky, Charles W. Anderson and Amelia Tucker were the first Black man and woman to be elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Charles W. Anderson (1907 – 1960) has few ‘firsts’ on his résumé. Anderson was born in Louisville, KY. He attended what is now Kentucky State University, as well as Wilberforce University in Ohio, for his undergraduate schooling. In 1931, he earned a Law Degree from Howard University.

In 1936, running as a Republican, Charles Anderson was elected to the Kentucky House, making him not only the first African American man to serve as a Congressman, but also the first African American (regardless of sex) elected to a State Legislature in the South, in the 20th Century.

Later in life, Anderson served for 2 terms as President of the National Negro Bar Association (1950s) and the President of the Louisville NAACP. When Kentucky Governor, A.B. “Happy” Chandler, nominated him, Anderson became the first African American to become a Kentucky Colonel.

Biography: LINK

Amelia Tucker

Amelia Tucker (1902 – 1987) was born and raised in Alabama before moving to Louisville. She attended what is now Alabama State and the University of Louisville.

In 1961, Tucker was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives, making her the first African American female elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives. While in the House, she helped pass a bill that made it illegal for businesses to discriminate, based on race. After leaving the Kentucky House, Tucker served as Minister of the Brown temple AMEZ Church in west Louisville.

More info on Amelia Tucker: LINK

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