Fortnite: “This is the end”

I have not partaken in the Fortnite craze, so this story comes as a surprise. Fortnite is down, and has been down for nearly a day.

A Black Hole swallowed it.


According to multiple sources, an in-game meteor started acting erratic, early on Sunday. It eventually hit and destroyed the entire map at about 2:00 EST. The result was the above picture: a Black Hole.

If you weren’t already logged on when this happened, you weren’t getting in afterwards; the lobby and character screens were apparently pulled into the Hole. The Twitter feed for Fortnite was down, message boards that dealt with in-game issues were inactive, and Epic put out a cryptic tweet: “This is the end”. Basically, everyone was stuck staring at… nothing. Unless you were logged in: you could enter the Konami code and play a mini-game that was similar to Space Invaders).

Was this a game glitch? An intentional “place holder” for a new expansion or patch? Was it something from outside sources, like an exploit, glitch, or attack? No one knows (or is saying), yet. Nevertheless, it is an interesting development for one of the world’s most popular games.

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