A ‘Borg and an Baritone #25: Foot Issues

A couple of years ago, I wrote about some foot issues that took a few months to get under control and, for the most part, eliminate.
They are back, and they brought friends.

For the last month or so, I’ve dealt with increasing levels of pain in my heel (again). For the last few months, I’ve also dealt with a slowly-healing Plantar Plate injury. But right before the mini-tour (3 weeks ago), the joint of my right big toe suddenly started hurting and changing colors; I think I linked a picture of that joint in a previous post.

Well, last weekend was an abbreviated rehearsal weekend: Saturday was an off-day (it was the Junior circuit’s World Championships), while Sunday was 11-6. I went and got my feet checked out; due to the swelling in my heel and toe joint, the doctor told me to not only sit out but to make an appointment with a Podiatrist.

That appointment happened yesterday (Thursday). The good news is that nothing was broken or torn. However, multiple issues were found:

  • Left foot: the Plantar Plate tear has healed but there’s now Metatarsalgia (pain and inflammation) in the area.
  • Left foot: Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. The tibial tendon connects the calf muscle to the inside of the foot; where that tendon connects to the foot (midway, right above the arch) is sore and inflamed. The doctor thinks that it’s from overuse – me, trying to not put as much weight on the right foot.
  • Right foot: the above-mentioned big toe joint. I have the beginnings of a Bunion, plus Hallux Rigidus (a form of arthritis where the big toe joint becomes becomes increasingly painful and immobile), and some joint damage.
  • Right foot: Insertional Achilles Tendinitis – a lot of inflammation, plus some swelling, where the Achilles attaches to the base of the heel. IT SUCKS.

Until a few hours ago, I faced a dilemma: go to rehearsals this weekend, putting a ton more hours (and miles) on the feet, or stay home and rest, but missing valuable practice time? I eventually decided on the latter… until my Brass Caption Head (Andrew) talked me out of it. Now, I am currently on a city bus, on the way to the Greyhound Station and the Cincinnati area.

I am concerned about the last 2 weekends before World Championships – can my feet hold on until Labor Day and a couple of days of rest?

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