Inside the Terrordome: ‘Novembrrr’


  • In addition to this blog, I also write for the comic review site, “Comicdom Wrecks”. I just passed my 1 year mark with CW; it’s been a fun year with them, even with a much smaller comic knowledge pool than the other’s knowledge. Stop by the website and read some of our posts!

  • Speaking of comics, Stan Lee died on Monday, at 95 years old. I know of very few people – from the biggest of comic book fans to those who only a cartoon adaptations of comics – who didn’t know who Lee was, or weren’t touched in some way by his works. Rest in peace, Grandmaster of the Marvel Universe!
  • In the last “Inside the Terrordome” post, I had mentioned trying to get a Halloween costume ready in time for a party. The costume was a success! I teamed up with one of my best friends to go as “Captain Hook” (her) and “Killer Croc in Neverland” (me; a mix of the Peter Pan crocodile and the DC villain).Her face painting job on me was awesome! The party itself was some much-needed fun with old and new faces. Thank you for everyone involved!
  • The 2nd era of Bobby Petrino is over at the University of Louisville. Petrino was fired by UofL Athletic Director Vince Tyra. Good. I may post some of the stats later but this season has been historically bad, including ranking in the bottom 20 schools in every offensive and defensive category. Now, I’m not one of those who are lobbying for Purdue Coach (and former UofL player and Assistant Coach) Jeff Brohm to take over…. but I am not opposed to it, either.
  • There’s been a long-simmering story in Louisville: homelessness. Local station WLKY (reporter: Kevin Trager) reported on the escalating, non-sheltered homeless population, after 2 people died over the previous weekend. According to Trager, the population of non-sheltered homeless has jumped from 228 in 2013, to 774 in 2018.
    If you’ve been Downtown lately, you know that Jefferson Street (from Preston to Floyd, under I-65 and Downtown ramps) and at 1st and College (a block or 2 from JCTC) can have over 20 people at each spot, with whatever belongings (and blankets) they may have. My thoughts are to build a shelter on 1st street, somewhere between Broadway and St. Catherine, and another one (a smaller one) somewhere between Downtown and NuLu, between Jefferson Street and River Road. I don’t know the costs of these shelters. There’s also the possibility of NIMBY: “Not In My Back Yard”. Hopefully, a solution comes soon, especially if the Metro Council and/or the Mayor sign off on it.
  • I had promised a post, before Halloween, about my favorite Horror movies, but didn’t get it up in time. Instead, here’s a condensed version of that post:
    Honorable Mentions: Killer Klowns from Outer Space; Exorcist: The Beginning; Friday the 13th, Part 6
    10. 30_days_vampire
    30 Days of Night – a team of scientists try to survive an Arctic Night and vampires in town.
    9. The Mist – an adaptation of the Stephen King short story. Other than the Theatrical ending, this was a great movie.
    8. 1408 – another King adaptation, this one is about an author, his skepticism towards the paranormal, and the hotel room that tests that skepticism.
    7. In the Mouth of Madness – what happens when an author gets an unexpected touch of the Lovecraftian Universe? Madness.
    6. Event Horizon – in space, no one can hear Laurence Fishburne scream.
    5. pennywise
    IT (2018) – the remake of the 1990 TV series, based on the Stephen King book. This was much more sinister-feeling than the TV series… and there’s a 2nd part coming to theaters in 2019.
    4. Poltergeist (1982) – Kids these days never have to worry about their TVs showing “snow”, when a station signed off for the day. They also never have to worry about getting contacted by ghosts from the other side of said TV.
    This was a hard choice between the top 3.

    3. Aliens – “Game Over, man, Game Over!!” The best of the many ‘Alien’ movies, and one of the best horror movies, ever. 
    1. images
    (tie) Prince of
    Darkness – this is not the scariest movie I’ve seen but it is the eeriest. I could totally see something like the main plot of this movie – the Devil is trapped in an ancient container, in an ancient church – being true.
    1. (tie) Evil Dead II – a sequel to the low-budget-but-not-a-bad-movie ‘Evil Dead’, EDII is still an entertaining movie, with quite a few good Horror moments.
  • I have less than 4 days until I try out for the Cincinnati Tradition Drum & Bugle Corps! Still need to find a mouthpiece or marching horn, which has been a harder process than initially thought. The mouthpiece, I can get, just will I get it by Sunday; the marching horn, I’m striking out on.
  • It was a good week in the city, if you are a soccer fan. The University of Louisville won its first ACC Tournament Championship by beating #4 North Carolina in the finals. Last Thursday, Louisville FC (a United Soccer league member) repeated as Champions by beating Phoenix Rising 1-0. They became only the 2nd team in league history to win 2 or more titles and the first to win back-to-back championships! Congratulations!


  • I have to appeal for Financial Aid in the Spring again (I have maxed out my college credits); it’s not the worst thing in the world but it might push my Graduation Date back another year, if my appeal is denied. We’ll see how things turn out.
  • Finals are in 3 weeks. I’m not going to jinx myself this time and post about my grades and what I might need on my Finals; let’s just say that I’m optimistic about my final semester G.P.A.. 😉 I just have to make it through 2 really busy weeks before Finals.
  • I am unofficially at my lowest weight since I started tracking it! My last weight, a few days ago, was 224.0 – I didn’t make my secondary goal of 215 pounds by Halloween, but I am down 27 pounds this year and nearly 40 pounds since I started tracking a few years ago. I may be even lower – hence the ‘unofficial’ tag – because I was wearing jeans when I weighed myself; I’m usually in boxers or gym shorts. What I am going to do now is start a new tracking of the weight on Friday, as well as track the waist size and stomach size. If I make the Cincinnati Tradition, I want to see just how much in shape I can get with them, including a few more pounds dropped (I want to drop back to 205 pounds) and a few more inches lost around the midsection.
  • My latest INR readings have been a little low but still in the 2.5-3.5 range that the doctors want. The heart has also been beating at relatively normal rates, minus the very occasional patter.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t get arrested on Black Friday!

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