Night Walk: “Hindsight”

It’s been a few months since I’ve had a ‘Night Walk’; leaving 3rd shift back in early July makes it more difficult – thankfully – to have late-night posts. For those who have read, or are reading these posts, a tip of the cap to you!

I am laying in bed, 2:30 AM Sunday morning, unable to nudge over that line from ‘tired’ to ‘sleep’. There’s a good part to that, however: it’s not my heart that’s keeping me awake (it is the brain not wanting to quiet down)! It is much quieter, and beating slower, than this time last month. 

In hindsight, I didn’t realize how much that fast and irregular heart beat had wore me out in July. I had an ‘aha!’ moment when I was going down some stairs with some friends on Saturday. This same group went up and down those same stairs about a month ago and I was tired after going up them. On Saturday, I felt fine – no need to take a deep breath or 2 to re-center things, no need to stop for a moment, and the heart wasn’t so loud that you could hear it from a dozen feet away, outside! Combine that with a 1.5 mile walk, a few days ago, and I think I’m back to “normal”…. well, as normal as someone with 2 metal heart valves can be.

I have a follow-up appointment on Monday afternoon with Dr. G., the Cardiologist that did the Ablation about 2 weeks ago. After that, maybe a return to walking a couple of days a week again, with a day or 2 of gym time thrown in on top. Until then, it’s trying-to-fall-asleep time!

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