Inside The Terrordome: “Trip Around The Sun #40”

And just think: if I had called in to work on a snowy February morning, I probably would have called in the following morning, and would not be here to type a blog post on my Birthday Week! 😉

  • I signed up for a program called “Code Louisville”. It is a free program where you learn how to code in different languages. It runs for 12 weeks, one meeting a week, then you have a month off, then finish it out with another 12 week session. This will help build up my portfolio greatly, since a lot of my classes this year will be light on Programming, minus a Java class. I have to wait for an email from Code Louisville – it has some “pre-work” that I have to do, just to get in – them I should be off and running. Can’t wait!
  • Speaking of coding: if I can afford it, I’ll be taking Java and Telecommunications II again, in the Fall. If I get Financial Aid – I lost it because of maxed out credits and a bad Spring semester – I’ll also take Advanced Database Administration I and a 4th class.
  • I also did something I virtually vowed not to do, a few years ago: started a Twitter account! It’s “@AnthonyBTicks”. Right now, I’m following only a handful of PC, gaming, Science-y, and Tech sites, plus “Comicdom Wrecks” and “Podicus Wrecks”, but this list will definitely expand. Plus, I might Tweet a link or 2. Feel free to add me!
  • I am wrapping up my 3rd week back on 1st Shift at TRIMARC. It’s been a great change, so far! The biggest adjustment I’ve had to make is getting used to the sheer volume of reports this shift has, compared to 3rd Shift. People are accident-prone on the interstates when it’s daylight, it seems. 😉
  • For those who who don’t know, I have an Atria Flutter in my heart. In simplest terms, the top half of my heart is beating faster than the bottom half. To fix it, I will have a Cardiac Ablation procedure on Tuesday morning. Basically, radio waves will be pulsed into my heart, short-circuiting the erratic-beat-causing section and resetting the heart beat to normal. It’s a non-surgical procedure that should take 1-3 hours. I will probably spend the night in the hospital for observations, plus another day or 2 at home, then I should be good to go. Wish me luck!
  • On other health fronts: my INR was 3.0 on my last checkup – exactly on target! My Heart Echo from a couple of weeks ago showed no issues with my valves or heart structure, so that’s good. I’m also at 226.2 pounds, although I was 225.0 on Tuesday. That 225.0 is a 7-year low, I think! I know that I am fighting to keep size 36-34 pants up, even with a belt, tightened to the last hole; I might finally be back to 34-34s! Maybe new pants will be an early treat-myself birthday present?
  • For the few who were following, I am going to redo my “Prey” walkthrough. I am reorganizing how I lay things out and how I play through each area. I should have the new Part I up in a week or so.
  • Current video games that I’m actively playing: “Prey (PC)”, “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Special Edition (PC)”, and “World of Warcraft: Legion (PC)”, with the pre-patch for “Battle for Azeroth” now live. “Darkest Dungeon (PC)” and “Atlas Reactor (PC)” are on hold; “Okami (PC) has not been purchased yet. I also won’t buy “Battle for Azeroth” until I know where school stands.
  • Finally, it’s almost football season! Can’t wait!

Thank you to those who read this blog, especially if you keep coming back! And also a thank you to everyone, on here and Facebook, that have sent well wishes, been in my corner, or even just thought about me! I don’t know what the birthday weekend will bring but I promise you that, for year number 40, I am going to do everything in my power to make it the most successful, fun year yet!!

One thought on “Inside The Terrordome: “Trip Around The Sun #40”

  1. I don’t know if you tried Legacy of the Dragonborn for Skyrim, but let’s just say I now have a working Airship to help me fill the museum and work my explorer’s guild. This mod rocks.


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