“Podicus Wrecks”: ‘Saturday Morning Cartoons #22’

The writers for the website “Comicdom Wrecks”, for the last few months, have picked an episode or 2 of a cartoon and written about it; this happens every Saturday morning. When there is a 5th Saturday in a month, we will get together, watch cartoons, and do a live commentary/review on them. Yesterday was the 2nd of our Live Saturdays; the cartoons we watched, and the reviews, are below.

“The Super Mario Brothers Super Show” was a combination of cartoons and live-action, based on the eponymous game franchise. Each episode started with a 3-5 minute, live-action segment, followed by a 10-15 minute cartoon, and another live 3-5 minute live segment.

We reviewed two episodes from the series:

Episode 118: “Mario Meets Koopzilla” – LINK

Episode 17: “Two Plumbers and a Baby” – LINK

Here is the link to the podcast; I’d suggest that you watch the episode in one window, with the commentary open in a second window. Hope you enjoy!

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