“Night Walk”: ‘D@mn it feels good to see people up on it!’

The legendary Biz Markie, in his track “Vapors”, said it best:

“Damn it feels good to see people up on it!”

He is absolutely right.

Facebook, and other social media, earns some deserved criticism for for the things that float around on it, including “keyboard warriors” spouting nonsense about different races, genders, and political affiliations. However, there are good things — very good things – that break through the surface and can shine brightly for hours, even days.

Lately, those bright lights have come from good friends and their successes. For every idiotic post and meme about Kathy Griffin, I see that the students of some friends have graduated from elementary/middle/high school and have touched the lives of these students greatly.

For every post about terrorism, I come across (adorable) posts from friends who are celebrating the births of teeny tinies and/or sharing pics and/or navigating the trials of familyhood.

There are posts from friends who are making a difference in their communities: social activism throughout their states (not just in Kentucky); being part of legal teams that have been part of ground-breaking decisions; running businesses that are helping people do everything from getting in shape to providing safe places for young teens.

And there are posts where friends are surviving, day to day, without giving up or turning down the darker paths. They might be raising a kid (or kids) by themselves; they could have been laid off or fired; they might have just gotten out of a bad relationship; they might have lost a family member. Yet they are still mozying along, with very few complaints, even when everything has gone pear-shaped.

So, cheers to you all! Keep shining through the bad, no matter how bright you think that post shines. Keep fighting for your various groups, keep being an inspiration to your students, clients, and even your families and friends! Keep doing you, even if it’s surviving day to day.

It does feel goods to see my people up on it!



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