I have a tendency to be too hard on myself, at times. It often manifests itself as a comparison between what I’m doing or want to do and what someone else is doing. Case in point: I saw where a couple of friends are in school (studying or teaching), while doing something else on the side (raising a kid, working another job or 2, etc.), but aren’t showing any signs of fatigue (at least, their statuses aren’t showing any). I then wonder if I’m complaining too much, internally (mainly) or externally, about being ‘one homework assignment away from passing out’. I then try to push through said exhaustion… and end up out of gas.

I need to tone down the self-judgment, on occasion. I can’t be concerned with my levels of activity and exhaustion, compared to this or that friend.

Note to self: in August, don’t try to work 2 part-time jobs (especially when one is 3rd shift), 6-10 extra hours on an internship, and take 12 hours of classes. 😉