Inside The Terrordome

Just some updates:

  • I am currently working 2 jobs: Kinectic TheTechnologyAgency (editing and quality-checking documents for a software translation company; various schedules; in general, I work 8-20 hours a week; usually 4-6 hours on Mondays, 4-8 hours on Tuesdays, and either 4-7 hours on Wednesdays or 4-6 hours on Thursdays) and TRIMARC (monitoring interstate traffic in the Louisville area, soon to expand to other areas; usually 24 hours a week, on weekends; for the next few weeks, it’s 8 hours Friday overnights, 12 hours Saturday evening/overnights, and 4 hours Sunday nights). It has not been easy but it’s been good, so far. The hardest part, BY FAR, has been trying to juggle both jobs with school requirements and *snicker* having a social life. One thing that so far has not been an issue is money. For the first time in 8 years, I might go into the spring and summer seasons with more than a few dollars in my checking account! I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that.
  • Not counting the Foot War, health has been decent overall. My INR has been in the 3.4-4.1 range, in the last 6 months: high, but not terribly dangerous. I’ve regained about 10 pounds since last summer but have started working them back off.
  • School is into Week 4 and it’s been a hazy, exhausted mess of an opening month. Week 1 was fine. I overscheduled work on Week 2 and it cost me: low quiz grades and missed Discussion Board assignments in 3 of the 4 classes. Week 3 was spent catching up; assignment grades improved but Discussion grades were virtually the same. This past Monday, I spent somewhere between 11 and 12 hours on HW, an exam, reading material, and videos. It was the first time since the 1st week that I’ve been satisfied with what I’ve turned in. Let’s hope that that trend continues throughout the week. My classes are: AMS 396: Intro to Supply Chain Management; AMS 430: Technology Management/Team Building; CIT 350: Database Administration I (the class that I was working on on Monday); and CIT 496: Technology Support Administration. There is also some Programming studying that I will start back on. I have to make at least 2 trips to Bowling Green to take exams (since WKU’s semester started in late January, its Finals start when JCTC is closed, so I can’t take them in Louisville, unless the public library can Proctor exams), so I’m excited to see what the campus actually looks like.
  • For the first time in a long time, there is enough money coming in to where an apartment search is a realistic option for the spring. It’d be nice to have my own place again.

Other than those, there’s not a lot else going on in life that is really exciting. I still go to Game Night on most Friday nights, when possible, and Team Trivia on Tuesdays, if I can get 3 or more to come along. I’m hoping that TRIMARC gets a day side shift to open up when we expand, so I can have the opportunity to enjoy weekend down time out of the house – I miss hanging out with friends on the occasional weekend.

Oh…. As for Valentine’s Day, I think this year’s day sums up my feelings about it: I am fighting off a runny nose and sneezing. *Edit*: full-blown cold.

Bah humbug. Actually, Bah humBORG.

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