“Night Walks”: 2016 Resolutions

(Blog originally started Monday @ 4:30 AM)

2016 has been… a year. I’ll probably write more in-depth about it when I’m more alert and at home but, for now, “it was a year” will have to do, as a description.

In the meantime, I’m looking back at some plans and resolutions that I wasn’t going to made in a couple of blog posts from late 2015 and early 2016. It’s interesting to see how things did – and didn’t – play out:

  • Increase my library:  unsuccessful, in progress. I , as of December 19th, did not buy any new books. I did manage to read a few new books this year, via a Goodreads challenge, but I’ve only read 7 of the 20 books that I set as a goal. I don’t see myself reading 13 books in 12 days. However, I do see myself buying some books.
  • Get down to 215 pounds by my birthday: a big ‘unsuccessful’. Not only did I not get down to 215, I actually have a net gain of about 7 or 8 pounds since January. The big factor for that: the foot injuries and issues over the summer and fall kept me from doing the amounts of walking that let me drop 25-30 pounds between July 2014 and January 2016. An early 2017 resolution is now to make more consistent trips to the gym. I still would like to trim down; I’ll set a goal weight and time by the end of the year.
  • Sign up for classes, and get at least a 3.50 GPA, for Spring 2016: success. I ended up with a 3.50.
  • Change the money situation: Co-Success of 2016! I got hired on at TRIMARC, an interstate traffic-monitoring division of Northrop Grumman, in August. I went from averaging about 6 hours of work every week, for the first 6 or so months of the year (at Kinetic) to 36-38 hours a week (both TRIMARC and Kinetic),  with a major hourly upgrade in pay, between Kinetic and TRIMARC. I’ve been able to comfortably buy a monthly bus pass; this wasn’t happening earlier, just to use one example. The smaller bills – phone, water, internet, split light/gas – are all caught up and being paid on time; once 2017 gets here and I buy textbooks for school, I can start chipping away on 2 big bills. This is a nice change!
  • a) Reconnect: inconclusive.  I did reconnect with some really good friends from High School at our reunion… but not much else happened with re-connections, especially from college. 
    b) End a handful of “streaks”: mixed. The ‘work hours’ streak changed for the better; the ‘social life’ streak didn’t change or got worse (in a few ways). I’ve got a few ideas on how to change things for 2017 – I’ll have to see how they play out.
  • Get an Associate’s Degree: Co-Success of 2016! I finally got a college degree, back in May (there is a post or 2 about it on here)! 
  • Have more fun by improving the lack of ‘social’ life: mixed. This one was weird. For almost all of the first half of 2016, I didn’t have many invites or opportunities to do much of anything (with money being a big factor). In June and July, one of my dearest friends, Jessica, invited me to a few things, including a pretty good John Paul White concert, that turned the summer around for me, socially. Once I hired hired on at TRIMARC, I started getting invites to some fun-sounding events…. but couldn’t go because I now work 12-hour shifts on weekends (until January). BAH. I’m really hoping to have much more fun with friends in ’17.
  • Get an apartment: ‘expected unsuccess’.  I didn’t have a ton of hope for getting an apartment in 2016. Not hugely upset – I’m going to gear up for apartment in 2017, hopefully by the end of April.
  • Walk 3+ miles, at an average pace quicker than 15:30: success… then failure?. I got up to about 3 miles per walking trip (as a workout), with an average of about 15:45. I did get down to 15:21 as my quickest trip pace. However, I started developing foot issues and by the end of July, I was struggling to get up to 1 mile per trip. My pace dropped to about 17:30/mile. I am going to try again in 2017 but I have to make sure that any foot problems have been corrected, healed, and rested, before venturing out again.

I tend to self-analyze frequently. After analysis of these resolutions, plus some other happenings throughout the year, I would say that the resolutions were mostly successful. I have some ideas on how to make 2017 even better; those resolutions and goals will appear in a few days. For now, I have to survive a 46-48 hour work week, including a 28-hour work weekend (yeah, I have to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day… plus New Year’s Eve night and New Year’s night, next week), then it’s 2017! 

One thought on ““Night Walks”: 2016 Resolutions

  1. Dude, try DDP Yoga. It’s literally making funny positions in your home while DDP yells at you. BANG! Do not bother with the time and commitment with gyms. You can tone up without all the meathook and whatnot.


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