(Blog originally started Monday @ 4:30 AM)

2016 has been… a year. I’ll probably write more in-depth about it when I’m more alert and at home but, for now, “it was a year” will have to do, as a description.

In the meantime, I’m looking back at some plans and resolutions that I wasn’t going to made in a couple of blog posts from late 2015 and early 2016. It’s interesting to see how things did – and didn’t – play out:

  • Increase my library:  unsuccessful, in progress. I , as of December 19th, did not buy any new books. I did manage to read a few new books this year, via a Goodreads challenge, but I’ve only read 7 of the 20 books that I set as a goal. I don’t see myself reading 13 books in 12 days. However, I do see myself buying some books.
  • Get down to 215 pounds by my birthday: a big ‘unsuccessful’. Not only did I not get down to 215, I actually have a net gain of about 7 or 8 pounds since January. The big factor for that: the foot injuries and issues over the summer and fall kept me from doing the amounts of walking that let me drop 25-30 pounds between July 2014 and January 2016. An early 2017 resolution is now to make more consistent trips to the gym. I still would like to trim down; I’ll set a goal weight and time by the end of the year.
  • Sign up for classes, and get at least a 3.50 GPA, for Spring 2016: success. I ended up with a 3.50.
  • Change the money situation: Co-Success of 2016! I got hired on at TRIMARC, an interstate traffic-monitoring division of Northrop Grumman, in August. I went from averaging about 6 hours of work every week, for the first 6 or so months of the year (at Kinetic) to 36-38 hours a week (both TRIMARC and Kinetic),  with a major hourly upgrade in pay, between Kinetic and TRIMARC. I’ve been able to comfortably buy a monthly bus pass; this wasn’t happening earlier, just to use one example. The smaller bills – phone, water, internet, split light/gas – are all caught up and being paid on time; once 2017 gets here and I buy textbooks for school, I can start chipping away on 2 big bills. This is a nice change!
  • a) Reconnect: inconclusive.  I did reconnect with some really good friends from High School at our reunion… but not much else happened with re-connections, especially from college. 
    b) End a handful of “streaks”: mixed. The ‘work hours’ streak changed for the better; the ‘social life’ streak didn’t change or got worse (in a few ways). I’ve got a few ideas on how to change things for 2017 – I’ll have to see how they play out.
  • Get an Associate’s Degree: Co-Success of 2016! I finally got a college degree, back in May (there is a post or 2 about it on here)! 
  • Have more fun by improving the lack of ‘social’ life: mixed. This one was weird. For almost all of the first half of 2016, I didn’t have many invites or opportunities to do much of anything (with money being a big factor). In June and July, one of my dearest friends, Jessica, invited me to a few things, including a pretty good John Paul White concert, that turned the summer around for me, socially. Once I hired hired on at TRIMARC, I started getting invites to some fun-sounding events…. but couldn’t go because I now work 12-hour shifts on weekends (until January). BAH. I’m really hoping to have much more fun with friends in ’17.
  • Get an apartment: ‘expected unsuccess’.  I didn’t have a ton of hope for getting an apartment in 2016. Not hugely upset – I’m going to gear up for apartment in 2017, hopefully by the end of April.
  • Walk 3+ miles, at an average pace quicker than 15:30: success… then failure?. I got up to about 3 miles per walking trip (as a workout), with an average of about 15:45. I did get down to 15:21 as my quickest trip pace. However, I started developing foot issues and by the end of July, I was struggling to get up to 1 mile per trip. My pace dropped to about 17:30/mile. I am going to try again in 2017 but I have to make sure that any foot problems have been corrected, healed, and rested, before venturing out again.

I tend to self-analyze frequently. After analysis of these resolutions, plus some other happenings throughout the year, I would say that the resolutions were mostly successful. I have some ideas on how to make 2017 even better; those resolutions and goals will appear in a few days. For now, I have to survive a 46-48 hour work week, including a 28-hour work weekend (yeah, I have to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day… plus New Year’s Eve night and New Year’s night, next week), then it’s 2017!