“Night Walk”: Night Shift


This short Walk isn’t because I can’t fall asleep; it’s because I actually cannot go to sleep. I’m at work. 😉

One of my jobs is monitoring interstate traffic for a division of Northrup Grumman in Louisville, on weekends, 3rd shift. Included in that process is seeing the runs that LMPD officers are on. Some of the ones that come in after 1 AM are absolutely ridiculous…. like tonight. I can’t imagine how the Dispatcher can send his/her officers out to “a [complainant] that says that 3 females look like blow-up dolls and are beating up a dead baby”? That was an actual run.

A weird side effect of this job: for months, before it and school started, there wasn’t much that I did on weekends, whether it’s was from lack of invites, lack of money, lack of options, or a combination of the 3. Since late August, I’ve gotten a few invites to hang out, go to a few events, and go the occasional party… and could only attend two. The rest of my weekends are spent working (6:30 PM-6:30 AM), doing HW (when needed) and trying to recover/get my sleep schedule back on track on Mondays.

Pardon my Early Morning First World Whiningâ„¢.

Back to work!

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