Skee-Lo Said It Best….

In the summer of 1995, I was coming off of possibly the best summer of my life –  having spent 6 weeks at Kentucky’s Governor’s Scholar Program – and heading into my senior year of high school. One of the jams of that summer was “I Wish”, a rap song by West Coast artist Skee-Lo.

In the song, Skee-Lo raps about all of the things that he wish he had: he wishes he was 6’9″ so he could get with Leoshi; he wishes he had a brand new car, instead of that hatchback; he wishes he was a baller, y’all!

While I don’t wish to be a little bit taller or a baller, I seem to be having some Skee-Lo moments lately, ‘wishing’ for this or that.

I wish that the incentive bonus for June was what I had mistakenly assumed it would be (at least $100.00) and not what it turned out to be ($0.00).

I wish that $1,190 was what I had earned in a month at my main job, not what I’ve earned there in 2016.

I wish that I could do more at amusement parks, if/when I get to go to one again.

I wish that “Bachelor’s Degree” wasn’t a pre-req for nearly every internship and co-op that I’ve been truly interested in. I also wish that, of the 12 or so applications I’ve filled out since late February, I wasn’t 0-6-1 in replies, the “draw” being a prescreening by UPS for an internship.

I wish that a “vacation” was more “friends on a long trip to not-Louisville or Kentucky” or “a few days away, with very few rules”, instead of “I am home and bills are knocking on the window and door again”. I would even ‘go simple, go easy, go Greyhound’.

I wish that another streak of 3 1/2+ years on somethings would end yesterday.

I wish that there was some kind of medicine that had the same benefits of Warfarin, for heart-valve-replacement patients, that didn’t completely jack up your food/drink options.

I wish that an apartment, somewhere in central Louisville, was in my possession.

‘A rabbit in a hat and a 64 Impala’ – can I skip the hat, give the rabbit to one of my friends that loves them, and take a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, instead?

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