“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Break!’

*  There are a few instances in my life that will always be preceded with the “Best Moment” tag; including: ‘HS Graduation (1996)’, ‘Leaving for College: Purdue University (1997)’, ‘First Day At the University of Louisville (2000)’, ‘Drum Corps Associates (DCA) World Championships with the Derby City Knights (2007, 2009)’, ‘Going Home from Major Heart Surgery (2010)’, and ‘The “First Time”‘ (2008).

May 10, 2016 is now near the very top of that list.
I finally graduated, with an AA (with High Distinction)! A thank you to all that came to the ceremonies!

*  I still plan on going to school in August, to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Although the original plan was to take online classes at Western KY, I started looking at other online options. I’ve narrowed the school choices and majors back down to 4 schools:
1) Western Kentucky University (online): major in Computer Information Technology, minor in Mathematics
2) Old Dominion University (online): major in Computer Information Technology
3) University of Louisville (on campus): major in Computer Engineering
4) Morehead State University (online): major in Computer Gaming and Computer Science
The last questions that I have to decide on, or find answers to, are:
– will MSU offer their Computer Gaming program online?
– what are the new options for adult transfer students at UofL? With a degree going in, how many options have now opened back up?
– what scholarship packages are still open? I missed a bunch for UofL and WKU.
My personal deadline is Friday; I will then apply to one or 2 of these schools, although I may skip that out to Sunday, depending on work and other matters.

*  I am absolutely beat. I think months and months and months of school, money struggles (… again), work hour issues (at 2 different jobs), and public transit finally caught with me the night of graduation. I’m still working my way back up to “not drained” levels.

*  Other summer hopes/plans: a few days of ‘vacation’ or ‘staycation’; a fun, long, slightly crazy party or 2; going to an IWA or WWE event (if/when money allows); going to a Louisville Bats or Cincinnati Reds game (if/when money allows); read a bunch – 5 books, at least; drop 10-15 more pounds by my birthday (July 29th), bringing me back to 215 pounds, a 6-year low.

*   I really wish that NBA folks would learn the difference between the “Most Valuable Player” and the “Best Player”. Steph Curry is perhaps the best player this season; LeBron James and, arguably, Kawhi Leonard, are the MVP’s. Take James and Leonard off of their teams, and they will suffer; the Cavs would not make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs, IMO, without James. Take Steph off of the Warriors, which has happened this year, and they are still one of the 3 best teams in the West. Maybe it’s time for the NBA to have separate “Most Valuable” and “Best Player” awards….

*  I’m glad that our Trivia team finally got more than 5 people to commit, show up, and stay, this week. Now we need to get back into the Top 3 finishes again; we’ve finished 4th 2 of the last 3 weeks.

*   I am in a “Go The Distance” walking challenge, through the “MapMyWalk” app, with a friend/co-worker and 2 others. Pam (the friend/co-worker) is absolutely smoking me and the other two, in total distance walked, so far lol. I, however, have the advantage in average pace (a hair over 16:00 per mile). Now I have to see if I can catch her distance walked, in 2 weeks! By the way, that app is wonderful… and isn’t just for walking. Give it a try.

*  It’s time for the people throughout Louisville to step up! Stop the ridiculous, ignorant shooting of each other! The city is turning into 2000’s Detroit, with all of the gun violence!

*  I am finally back to significant hours at work! In 2 1/2 weeks, I have worked nearly double the hours (61) that I’d worked from January to late April (33). Finally, some of the overdue bills can get caught up, or paid off, by the end of the month.

*  Go see “Captain America: Civil War.” Like, now.  Unless it’s early morning (it’s 1:30 AM, as I type), then bring a sleeping bag and snacks, and camp out in front of a theater… and go watch when the theater opens. 😉

One thought on ““Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Break!’

  1. I’m going to come to trivia this week. I’m bringing Nicole and her brother, Lorne. He’s moving into town and needs to meet y’all.


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