Going Back On My Word: 2016 Resolutions

It took about 12 hours before I decided to actually write some resolutions, contrary to the end of my 2015 Recap post.

I didn’t want to rush and write down the standard “new year, new me” resolutions; I wanted to think about things that didn’t go as planned or wanted in 2015 (and previous years) and see what I could and couldn’t change in 2016. Big or small, my 2016 Resolutions list, a list that might be longer than anticipated:

  1. Completely change, and improve, the money situation. I briefly mentioned this in the 2015 post. A couple of good friends once mentioned something that they had read by Dave Ramsey: “bring in more than you send out.” That has been the biggest problem I’ve had for at least 5 years. I’m simply just not bringing in much. I do have a savings account, which helped matters in 2013 and 2014, but did not make enough to justify putting more than change in it in 2015. Extra/wasteful spending very rarely happens: I don’t have a gaming system to buy games for; with World of Warcraft, I can earn free month(s) via in-game gold and I suspend my account when I can’t and money becomes tight; my DISH Network account’s been deactivated since June; I don’t buy alcohol for home and very rarely drink outside of it; I don’t eat a lot of fast food much any more. In 2016, I HAVE to make more than just the absolute bare minimum to pay bills (water, phone, internet – required for classes, gym, medicine, and groceries, plus a bus pass). Hopefully, the work load picks up and stays steady at Kinetic but if it doesn’t, I have to pick up a second job or a new main job (putting Kinetic as a 2-or-3-days-a-week job), while leaving time for school.
  2. Get an Associate’s Degree. Mentioned before, I am one credit away. I just have to see if I have to take that class at JCTC or WKU.
  3. Have more fun by improving the lack of ‘social’ life. I will not – WILL NOT! – become the person under 50 years old with no kids or pets, that constantly calls it a night at 9:00 on nights before non-work days. I need to get out of my house more! Whether it’s a Board Game/Card Game Night with a few friends, going to the movies, hitting up a sports bar with a group to watch UofL play (or watch March Madness) or a “Las Vegas Rules”-style house party (“what happens here, stays here”), I’ve got to do more with more people. Included within this heading are: a) taking a vacation or road trip outside of the Louisville area, b) the hint of a possibility of physical intimacy, and c) hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. With c), I’ll have to buy more furniture for the house I’m in now. If I end up in a new apartment, I’ll have my work cut out. For a), I’ve tried this for a few years. It comes down to what #1 allows. Since I know that both Greyhound and MegaBus run through Louisville, an overnight trip or road trip to a place like Chicago, Indianapolis, or St. Louis is no longer an impossibility. With b), it’s more “it would be nice for something to happen (kiss, make out, etc.), occasionally, casually (as long as I’m not in a serious relationship)” than “I’m going to try to hook up with ALL THE WOMEN at ALL THE PLACES.” In any case, I have to have more fun outside of the home… and it again depends on #1.
  4. Learn Ruby and get my A+ certification. Mentioned in a previous post, Ruby is a programming language that might finally open up some doors for me. Combined with a basic understanding of C and C++, plus recent classes in C# and Python, Ruby knowledge could get me into the Programming and Computer Technology fields; having an A++ certificate would help even more.
  5. Get down to 215 pounds by my birthday (July 29th). I am currently around 234 pounds, I was at 248 at this time last year, as much as 264 on my birthday in 2014. I am returning to Planet Fitness as soon as Sunday. This is very attainable; I just have to be consistent with it.
  6. I’m reluctant to put this one but: get an apartment. In the last couple of years, whenever I’ve gotten close to getting my own place again, unforeseen circumstances have drained my saved money. So, I’ll try again, with a bunch of wariness attached.
  7. Walk 3+ miles, at an average pace quicker than 15:30. I generally take 1-3 mile walks. The pace just depends on why I’m walking: if it’s “to get the blood flowing”, I don’t walk as fast or far. I use the MapMyWalk app to track where I walk, how long it took, and the average pace (it also tracks elevation and estimated calories burned). I have averaged as quick as 15:37, for a 2 1/2 mile walk; time to push the average distance up and lower the average time.

Let’s see what 2016 has in store!

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