Inside The Terrordome: “B+ Player”

I hope that the live version of “The Wiz” re-airs on NBC soon. I missed it but have heard great things about it.

You can stop finding new and stupid ways to lose football games, Cleveland….

…. but YOU can keep finding new and stupidly great ways to win games, Green Bay!

UofL men’s basketball is going to be scary good, once all of the new pieces finish gluing together. Having Michigan State on the ropes for 32-35 minutes, with the front line holding their own, is a good sign.

In terms of the amount of work and study involved with each class, this semester at Jefferson Comm. and Technical College is in the Top 3 overall, higher than most of the semesters I had at Speed School (Engineering) at the University of Louisville.

Speaking of school, my first officially unofficial grade is in: 91.3% in C# Programming – a ‘B’. Realistically, it’s a ‘B+’. Unless the professor bumps it to an ‘A’ (92%), the grade becomes official on Monday.

Another set of mass shootings. More “Guns are the problem!”/”Guns are NOT the problem!”/”The Founding Fathers guaranteed my right to carry a gun” arguments. More “Muslims are the problem”/”If they were only Christians…” arguments. OY.

Speaking of terrorism: the Clark County (IN) Sheriff is whining on social media about a recall that President Obama ordered. He (the sheriff) says that his officers are now at risk because of this equipment recall.
I don’t even… get the h&ll out of here, Sheriff!
Clark County, Indiana is as likely to have a terrorist attack as Greenland is! You don’t NEED that type of vehicle, AT ALL! The sheriff himself admitted that they only used the vehicle “for training purposes”.
Worth noting: he is also the chair of the local Republican Party. How very convenient.

Speaking of Republicans: The only groups that Donald Trump hasn’t insulted, mocked, or stereotyped in the last 8 months: band members, people that live in Mongolia, Nick Sabin’s coaching staff, MMORPG players, and the cast of “Arrow”. The fact that some rationally-thinking adults still believe that he is the best choice for President – in the Republican, Democratic, Third Party, AND Independent pools of candidates- baffles me greatly, especially those that follow him with NO research into his policies. If you’ve done your research and think he’s the one for you, then you’re excused from the previous statement. 😉

Matt Bevin gets sworn in as Kentucky’s new Governor soon. Yay. 

Kobe Bryant announced his retirement. An end of an era for the NBA: one of the last “High School, straight to NBA”. Arguably one of the 3 best players of the post-Jordan era.

Even with nearly half of my fantasy football team being injured at one point, I’ve enjoyed my first try at it this season. I still have a shot to win the Consolation Bracket, starting next week.

I should probably put up Christmas decorations this weekend. While I’m at it, I should re-wash, and then donate, the 2 boxes of clothes that I’ve had sitting in a corner for a few months. I could add some hoodies to those boxes, also.

I might have to take the book store job, as a 2nd job again, in January. As of December 5th, I have not grossed $8,000 for this year, at my main job – a drop off of nearly $5,000 from 2014. That’s how bad the work slow-down was from January to late April and from July to October.

Another food recommendation, if you are ever in Louisville: “Epic Sammich Co.”. It’s a little sandwich shop in the Highlands neighborhood. Their sandwiches are offered hot or cold, are pretty large, and very tasty. They range from about $7 to $21; most are in the $7-13 range. Chips, pasta salad, and a handful of other sides are also available. It’s not a quick place – took over 10 minutes but that could be because the group I was with went shortly after they had just opened – but I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy the end results.

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