Short Circuits

The first part of this post is the “Equal Opportunity Offender” section:

There is Racism and then there’s RACEism…!

There is Xenophobia… wait, maybe it’s spelled Xenaphobia?

There is another story on rampant Hollywood sexism, plus extramarital sex becoming very public (a safe link)! has its eyes on South Carolina and the ‘rally’ going on there. BTW, “a White revolution is the only solution” is such a calm, intellectual way to represent your ‘heritage.’ Maybe the ‘threatened to secede from the Union – TREASON – nearly 30 years before the Civil War even started’ or ‘flew the Confederate Flag over South Carolina’s courthouse in direct defiance of the Civil Rights movement’ didn’t clear up the ‘heritage’ part enough.

There are those who should have fact-checked the internet stories that they were reading.

There are even hints of an intergalactic scandal (you lucky S.O.B., C3P0!)… although a Jedi Grandmaster had no problems with it. 

In the less ‘offensive’ portion:

– Google offered free vouchers for coding lessons to women and minorities a few weeks ago. This was, and is, a great step towards bringing more diversity into the coding and programming fields.

– A baseball game played in southern California, between the Anaheim Angels and Boston Red Sox, was rained out 2 days ago.
Let that sink in for a second.
An event… in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA… was RAINED OUT. 1995 was the last time that Anaheim had a home game rained out. Maybe some of the moisture in this area – 12-15″ of rain in the Louisville area since mid June – has started to fall where it’s need: the West and Southwest?

– CNET offers advice on upgrading your iPhone to iOS 9.

– A Kentucky state program that allows doctors to travel to kids who need cardiac care but cannot get to a doctor got a needed boost via a local grant. I wasn’t aware of this program before but am glad that it is available.

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