Reoccurring Dream Themes

Many a different dream have passed through the mind of the Cyborg. However, there have been times – including earlier this morning –  where a repeat setting, theme, or even dream has happened. It’s an interesting, sometimes eerie, phenomenon.

The dream that happened Monday morning took in place in what looked to me like a dorm or apartment building; it didn’t quite feel like either. It was very long, with at least 20 different rooms or apartments on the floor that I was on; there were stairwells but I don’t know how many floors were in this building. It was also dark – kinda silvery-grey but not necessarily gloomy. In this dream, there seemed to be 2 pretty nicely furnished “living rooms”, for lack of a better description, situated in the middle of the hall, about a quarter of the way from the ends of the hall. Sometimes, there is a large entryway that leads outside but I don’t remember seeing it this time. Some of my closest friends and some family members are there sometimes; on this occasion, one of my best friends seemed to be living there with a guy I didn’t recognize. I had a room, furnished similar to what I have now at home but there have been times where my dream room had MUCH more items, sometimes a female roommate (or one of my brothers and sisters), or been a room that I was just visiting. Regardless, most rooms that I went in had more color than the hallways, about equal to the “living rooms”. There wasn’t much to this dream that I remember doing; I said hey to my friend, looked into my room, for some reason, and kept walking around the hall, although at a pretty fast clip. It didn’t feel like I was running from anything or going somewhere important, but there was a sense of speed. That dorm/apartment hall has been in a handful of dreams over the last year or so.

Another, I’ve touched on before. I am back in my childhood neighborhood. I’m usually walking north towards my home, a direction I normally don’t come from. About 4 or 5 houses away, I actually pass in front of a near-carbon-copy of my house. That house almost never feels… right. Sometimes, it gives an uneasy feeling; other times, it varies between causing confusion, disbelief, and straight up fear. Nothing happens to me while by the copy house… thankfully. In one dream, I actually went in it. It definitely had a haunted house feel and, after a few moments, I basically ran out of it.

There are a couple of other areas/themes/settings that seem to repeat themselves occasionally in dreams, but the 2 mentioned above are the most recent. Others include my old neighborhood and house – people and events that didn’t see or happen near that neighborhood suddenly happen there, with slightly different outcomes.

I have no clue what the first setting I mentioned could mean. I’m guessing a combination of attachment and comradeship(?) plays into the 3rd one. The 2nd one: maybe it’s a warning or caution to not be deceived? Or not to believe everything that I see? It’s an interesting thing to wonder about. Maybe answers will come down the road.

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