Quarter Notes

Short thought, opinions, and updates. Marcato markings optional.
Short thoughts and links to news stories, plus other updates. Marcato markings optional.

– Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth is going after ‘big money’ money in politics, with his most recent proposal, according to WDRB.com. Considering that the most expensive political race of 2014 was also from Kentucky – Mitch McConnell vs. Allison Lundergan-Grimes – I don’t know if he will get much support for that proposal from his KY colleagues. It would nice to see spending reeled in, however. Too many elections have been decided by the almighty dollar.

– Speaking of politics, this coming Tuesday (May 19th) is the Kentucky Primaries. Since Kentucky is a Closed Primary state, I (as a registered Independent) cannot vote. I can, however, watch the Republican Primary to see who will face KY Attorney General Jack Conway (Dem.) and CEO/Founder of fark.com Drew Curtis (Indep.). The candidates for the Republican side are: former Louisville Metro Councilman/former Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner, former Associate Justice of the KY Supreme Court Will T. Scott, KY Agriculture Commissioner James Comer (who is also currently involved in an abuse scandal involving his ex-girlfriend in college), and businessman/former U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin. So far, the Rep. candidates have been trying to either out anti-Obama each other or turning their attentions (*cough*Heiner*cough) to Comer’s problems… both tactics which, I think, will cost them a General Election against Conway, also known for not being shy about mudslinging and alloting loads of money into mudslinging. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out in the summer, though.

– If you have enough money to donate to a GoFundMe account for Tom Brady’s fine, then feel free to donate a few hundred dollars to GoFundAnthony’sSummerClasses. How off kilter do your priorities in life have to be to donate money to a multi-millionaire to pay his fine for something he tried to cover up?!? How about donating that money to the families of the Amtrak crash in Philly? How about the families still recovering from Mother Nature’s attempted burial of New England in snow this past winter? You know, people who actually could use the money!

– On Friday night, local Sports talk radio host Lachlan McLain signed off for the final time, ending his 11-year show on 840 WHAS, and also ending a run of over 30 years of  some kind of sports talk show on that station. Over the last few years, WHAS has went from a variety of programs – variety morning show, local and national late-morning/early afternoon shows, local news/comedy/variety show, sports evening show, various night shows, and Coast to Coast AM overnights – to almost all political, Republican-slanted, talk shows. Even the local morning show from long-time broadcaster Tony Cruise is starting to slip to one side of the aisle. The last holdout is legendary host Terry Meiner’s Afternoon Show: 3 hours of news, local info, lightheartedness, and fun. WHAS’s format changes are going to alienate a lot of listeners.

– Rest In Peace, B.B. King and University of Louisville Clarinet Professor Dallas Tidwell.

On the personal front:
– I have narrowed my transfer list down to Western Kentucky University (for their Top-5 ranked online programs, possibly for on-campus classes too; going after a Computer Information Technology degree), Morehead State University (online; they offer Gaming programming, as well as a nice scholarship package), and the University of Louisville (on campus; looking at their nationally ranked Business School and the Computer Information Systems program). WKU is leading at the moment; their tuition is about $2,000 less than UofL’s and both them and Morehead State offer community college transfer students MUCH more aid than UofL (for example, a $4,000 scholarship – that UofL doesn’t offer – if you have an Associate’s in Arts or Science, 30 or more hours at your community college, and a 3.50+ GPA; I’ll have 30 hours after this summer and go into the summer with a 3.85). Once I get the money to pay for the applications, I’ll finish WKU’s, re-apply to UofL, and apply to MSU.

– As of Friday night, I am down about 10 pounds since joining Planet Fitness on March 28th (I didn’t go this week) and down 26 pounds since last July. I still have plans on walking a 5K or 10K this summer or fall. I doubt I’m running either – my heel/ankle would start a revolution if I tried. 😉

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