– “Welcome to Derby City Knights”
– “Would you like a box?”
– Carroll County, Danville, Meade County
– “My brother of the 3-valve!” (R.I.P., Cozi!)
– The Four Horsemen of D.C.K.
– Trips to Nashville and Georgia
– A Day At The Downs
– Wake up call via bagpipe
– Those poor ‘Hometown Pizzas’ places (lol)
– “Slow the f*** down, Jordan!”
– 2009 DCA Finals: “We’ve Arrived!”

– “Welcome to the Membership Night!”
– Rehearsal locations: 17 hours away
– Diamond Cutters and the ‘Thunderdome’
– “Grab a gush ‘n go”
– “Elbows out and shoulders down” #Katy
– “Kick a$$ and don’t suck!” #BrianS.
– “West Broadway? It’s Broadway NE.”
– “Don’t go to Robbinsdale alone.”
– “That path looks kinda haunted.”
– White out in Tomah, Wisconsin
– “I can’t walk this morning!”
– 4 hour layovers in Chicago
– First experiences of Jodi lunches
– Many light-rail train rides
– “For All We Know”

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