An Introduction

– My name is Anthony Bonner but if you call me “Ant” (family nickname), “Zuri” (middle name/one of my High School nicknames), or “Cyborg” (recent nickname – will explain in a moment), I will probably respond. I currently live in my hometown of Louisville, KY, where I work for a Translator Software company called Kinetic the Technology Agency.

– I am also a Computer Information Technology major at Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) in Louisville. It has been a long road getting to JCTC: I graduated High School back in 1996; I sat out a semester then went to Purdue University for the Spring 1997 semester (Chemistry-Chemical Engineering Major); I sat out another 3 years – money issues, plus my Mom suffered a major stroke – then went to the University of Louisville (UofL), off-and-on from 2000-2007 (first as a Chemical Eng. major, then as a Computer Eng. major); I had to then wait 7 long years before going to JCTC in the Fall of 2014. Right now, I am enjoying easily my best year of school since probably the 3rd grade.

– While in between UofL and JCTC, I had emergency Heart Valve surgery in February 2010. To make a long story short: I was having trouble breathing, had nearly no stamina, and felt overall bad. I went to the hospital after work one day, thinking that I had pneumonia; turns out, the right side of my heart was failing and I was very anemic. I found out later that I had Endocarditis, caused by a Staph infection; 2 of my heart valves were badly damaged and the infection had partially collapsed a lung. I ended up getting 2 metal heart valves (and the nickname “Cyborg”, from my heart surgeon).

– One of my big passions you saw in my previous post: Music. I love performing music. especially on the Marching field. I mainly play the Baritone and Euphonium (by no means am I a professional, though lol).

– I am not married and I don’t have any kids; I don’t plan on being married or having kids any time in the near future. As for the love life, it’s a work in progress. 😉

– I am a fan of video games but I don’t necessarily consider myself a “gamer”. I don’t have the collection of games or the systems to consider myself one. However, I do play when I can and thoroughly enjoy the games that I do have. I grew up with the Baldur Gate series and tend to like most games like that, such as Dragon Age: Origins. Currently, my games-of-choice are World of Warcraft and a very old game that I got as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago called “Clive Barker’s ‘Undying'”. If you play WoW, look for me on the Nordrassil server, in the Alliance guild “Ashes of Azeroth”. 😉

– Here are more of my many likes and a few of my dislikes:

Likes: Most music; Drum and Bugle Corps; College and Pro Football; College Basketball; Baseball; NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) – I have been a big drag racing fan since I was 9; Reading – my favorite genres are Horror, Fantasy, and Action/Thriller, with my favorite authors being Stephen King, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Larry Bond, and Mark Chadbourn; hugs/kisses, if and when they happen; walking/wandering on warm days; WWE/New Japan Pro/Ring of Honor pro wrestling; writing down random thoughts and tidbits; computers; card and board games (“Betrayal at House on the Hill” is the current favorite board game); Team Trivia nights; parties with friends; car rides; travelling, when I can

Dislikes: Racism; judging someone by their material wealth; those who slant everything politically – the Republican camp is especially annoying with this (I am an Independent, BTW); people who either talk with their mouth full or chew loudly; Country Music, Death Metal and Screamo; Cigars (the few times that I’ve had a migraine in my life, most of them were caused by being around different kinds of cigar smokes)

So, there’s a small window into who I am and some of the current things going on with me. I will try and keep you entertained with this blog, as well as let you in on any major things that might happen in my life. Hope you enjoy!

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