Review/Walk-Through: “Prey”, Part III

Sometimes, you have to take a step back before you move forward. You also should save your game progress multiple times. Pretty profound, for me. Anyway.... I backtracked to an earlier save (more on that in a bit), then moved back through sections of the Talos Lobby, ending up with some valuable info that I … Continue reading Review/Walk-Through: “Prey”, Part III

Review: “Prey”, Part II

Around the Lobby Part I led us from Morgan Yu's apartment to the Lobby of the testing facilities of Transtar. Part II will look at what is in and around the Lobby. Hint: you had better had sufficient Health Restores. Once again, this is how I played through this section - it may not be the … Continue reading Review: “Prey”, Part II

First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

I purchased this game months ago; I finally upgraded to a PC that could play it a couple of days ago. I played through the opening areas - an unofficial "Tutorial" - and will recap some of the story, different items that I ran across, and some of the controls/graphics/and overall gameplay. There will be slight … Continue reading First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

PC Game News: Darkest Dungeon & The Forgotten City

Darkest Dungeon DLC: "The Color of Madness" Launch Trailer - Link First seen on Steam, also reported by PC Gamer and Shack News, the popular game, "Darkest Dungeon" has a new expansion that launches on Tuesday, June 19th: "The Color of Madness". The premise: an alien comet has crashed into the old Miller's farm, just … Continue reading PC Game News: Darkest Dungeon & The Forgotten City

First Impressions: “Darkest Dungeons” DLC, Pt. 1

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 2 years since I bought "Darkest Dungeon" for the PC and 1 1/2 years since my first look at the game. Now, I take an early look at 2 new characters that I got from buying 2 DLCs, after the break. Finals for this semester put a delay on … Continue reading First Impressions: “Darkest Dungeons” DLC, Pt. 1

Skyrim: “The Forgotten City”, The Return VI

This is the 6th and final part of a multi-post series on the Skyrim mod, “The Forgotten City”. Part V: LINK Underground Tunnels 1 I was told by the scholar Brol that there had to be some kind of Judge that lived underground, pulling the strings of the Dwarves' Law. This was indirectly corroborated by the … Continue reading Skyrim: “The Forgotten City”, The Return VI