Tales from the TARCside: “Not Your Everyday Passenger!”

Local news station WLKY caught up with some rather... different TARC riders. Chris Chandler, Digital Producer for WLKY, filmed "Frankenstein" getting on the #71 bus (from New Albany, Indiana, through Portland, Russell, and Downtown Louisville, to Jeffersonville, Indiana), as a promotion for 5 haunted attractions around town. You can see Chris's report HERE. I like … Continue reading Tales from the TARCside: “Not Your Everyday Passenger!”

Inside The NEW Terrordome!

Louisville is recovering from an ice and snow "storm" as I settle into my in my own apartment again. Hey, 3-4" of snow and ice is more than we've had in nearly 2 years! Song: "City Living" by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble It's a Christmas Miracle - Louisville started 2018 with 5 DAYS without a homicide! ... and … Continue reading Inside The NEW Terrordome!

Inside The Terrordome

(random thoughts and events going on in and around my life) Music - 2 tracks, this time: "I'll Still be True" by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "Double Bass" by Gorillaz I do not own these videos! 11 Days. That's how long I have until my first Final of the semester is due. I say … Continue reading Inside The Terrordome

“Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

I have been in public a long time, and sometimes my pants have come down.... "But it certainly hasn't been like that. I've had a thin waist and a full waist, and it depends on where I was at that time, I suppose, as to what might have happened. But I sure don't remember it. … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson


audiostrobelight. Eons D. Goodbar. Exit, Emergency. Shadowpact. NOFX. Skyscraper Stereo. Reel Big Fish. Uh-Huh Baby Yeah!. The Ataris. 2 groups of musicians and musical groups with something in common: Group 1 were all on one person's record label. Group 2 were acts that I were turned on to by Group 1's label's founder. His name was … Continue reading Puckett

The West End: The Proposal to Combat Crime

(picture is from interstate-guide.com)  Councilwoman Green's 5-Point Plan A preamble: I lived on 34th Street, in the Shawnee Neighborhood of the West End, from about 1980 to August 2004; I was one or 2 when my parents moved from Shively (at the time, technically a separately city in the same county as Louisville). I then moved back to … Continue reading The West End: The Proposal to Combat Crime

“Short Circuits”: Time to Clear Off Your Desk

The State Auditor launched an investigation into "your" Board of Trustees and the Foundation that "your group"'s endowment. Accusations of racism are filed against the same Board, regarding its racial makeup. (Now including a recently-filed lawsuit.) A sex scandal is still hovering over "your group"'s highest-profile entity. The FBI is now investigating "your group". "You" pose in silly, badly-timed, kind-of offensive … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Time to Clear Off Your Desk